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  • Hello everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.

  • Homophones are words that are  pronounced exactly the same way.  

  • They just have a different spellings anddifferent meaning. Our words today are complement  

  • which is an expression of praise or admiration  and compliment equality that completes something.

  • Here are words complement and compliment. I have  a quick spelling tip for you. I would always get  

  • confused about this and a friend told me to  remember a compliment is about someone else  

  • because it's about the I and I love that!  I think that's an easy way to remember it.  

  • So to say these words correctly, we have  three beats or three syllables: com pluh munt.

  • I had a video not long ago on this m-e-n-t  suffix and we usually pronounce it as  

  • munt. If you do say ment or mint that's  totally fine. People are going to understand  

  • you. It's just about being short and  unstressed in that last syllable. So  

  • again, our beats are com pluh munt 

  • com pluh munt compliment complement 

  • complement compliment

  • And now for a sentence:

  • The beans and rice complement the  meat so well that I had to compliment  

  • the chef on a job well done.

  • So give it a try I know people are  going to notice the difference. Please  

  • share us with your friends if you found  this helpful and if you need help check  

  • out our products and our classes at Tarle speech.

  • Thank you so much everyone have an amazing week!

Hello everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.

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How to Pronounce COMPLIMENT & COMPLEMENT - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/11/29
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