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  • What we have here is the Genie

  • turning into a Genie bunny, I've started to animate that.

  • In this collaboration

  • between Cirque de Soleil

  • and Walt Disney Animation Studios

  • and Walt Disney Imagineering

  • is very, very unique.

  • The fact that you've got these three great creative entities

  • creating a show together for the first time,

  • I think is something that audiences have never seen before.

  • The content itself that they've devised

  • is very, very moving.

  • I'm trying to find ways that the animation helps define it,

  • even though the show will certainly be using

  • existing pieces of animation,

  • not just full color, by the way,

  • but also pencil tests sequences,

  • which almost nobody gets to see the general public.

  • We are producing new animation to go here,

  • which is specific to

  • how the characters are going to relate

  • to the animated characters,

  • how things will interact.

  • So now this sheet is acting nutty

  • and of course it turns into the Genie, who's my guy

  • and he turns himself into a bunny.

  • It's brand new stuff that we're doing

  • for telling the story in this show.

  • I think the blending of live performance

  • and animation that's going to be in this show

  • is very, very unique

  • and I can't wait for the public to see it

  • because you've got everything that makes Cirque de Soleil

  • great in this show.

  • The fusion of the animation

  • and the live performer storyline

  • is blended so well.

  • It's like they were made for each other.

What we have here is the Genie

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