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  • Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week!  

  • Our question today is how to pronounce the words

  • immune which means resistant to an infection immunize and immunity

  • So let's take a look at these  words. We have immune, immunize, and  

  • immunity. So let's start with word number  one. You are going to pronounce this word  

  • by stressing syllable 2. So that syllable is  going to be louder and higher in pitch and the  

  • vowel is going to be longer. And in this case we  are going to use the vowel u as in you out there listening.

  • No for syllable number one, I have it listed  as a short I because I think most people tend  

  • to read it this way. Keep in mind that this isshort unstressed syllable so the vowel is going  

  • to be shorter and relaxed and unstressed. You can  say ummune or immune either is fine. They're both  

  • super close. The key is it's unstressed and  it's very short. So again right here we have

  • immune immune immune

  • Now when we add the ize everything  is going to say the same.

  • imuniz immunize immunize immunize

  • That syllable stress is going to stay the same  

  • and we're going to continue  stressing syllable number two.

  • Last when we have immunity the stress stays  the same. Oh my goodness! If you watched my  

  • video last week you know that this ity isstress imposing suffix and it will change the  

  • rules and it means that you shift the stressIn this case you don't have to shift the stress  

  • because we always stress the syllable  right before the Uh D. And in this case  

  • it's still the U so that's why this confuses  some people because we don't change that stress.

  • So we have im you nadi im you nadi

  • Let's try them all together

  • immune immune immune immunize immunize immunize 

  • immunity immunity immunity immune immunize immunity

  • So give it a try I know people are  going to notice the difference. If  

  • you found this helpful please  share us with your friends.  

  • If you need more help check out our  products and our classes at Tarle speech.

  • Have the best weekend everyone thank you!

Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week!  

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