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  • Douwe Egberts setup a face recognition coffee maker that dispenses a cup of coffee when

  • it detects a person yawning.

  • And Celest-jewel-ale is a new beer from Dog Fish Head Brewery that is steeped with lunar

  • meteorites - received from a company that makes NASA spacesuits and once it's gone - it's

  • gone forever!

  • Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow.

  • Researchers now say that the hemispheres of Albert Einstein's brain were unusually well-connected

  • and that could have contributed to his brilliance. After his death in 1955 Einstein's son allowed

  • the nobel-prize-winning physicist's brain to be studied and while last year it was noted

  • that he had a dramatically expanded prefrontal cortex - a new technique to study the corpus

  • callosum - developed by Weiwei Men of East China Normal University's Department of Physics

  • found Einstein had more extensive connections between certain parts of his cerebral hemispheres

  • compared samples of 15 elderly men and 52 men Einstein's age in 1905.

  • Arc Nova is an inflatable concert hall. Created by architect Arata Isozaki and sculptor Anish

  • Kapoor - the structure takes about two hours to inflate and holds around 500 people. The

  • arc was made to tour the areas of Tohoku that were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami

  • in 2011 and they're looking to bring back hope and encouragement to the cities via music,

  • design, and culture

  • Blizzident is a 3D-printed toothbrush that thoroughly cleans your teeth as you grind

  • and bite down on it -- in just 6 seconds.

  • Hana Yakiniku wants your smartphone to smell like food. By attaching the device you can

  • pick the food you want and then smell it while eating something plain like white rice or

  • lettuce. It's supposed to work well for people on budgets or on a diet, and comes in many

  • different scents like coffee, coconut, curry, and cinnamon roll.

  • Hawkes Ocean Technologies has created The Deepflight Super Falcon a kind of underwater

  • plane. It has the ability to do barrel rolls and jump out of the water because of its wings

  • making it more like an underwater plane that a typical submarine. Their commitment to using

  • electric energy makes it safe to operate around humans and marine life, and they're taking

  • orders for them right now.

  • Mollusks have teeth made of magnetite which is the hardest material made by a living organism,

  • ever. So Yeah.

  • Yaskawa electric is making a device to help people that have suffered from a stroke to

  • be able to walk with more ease. It's similar to the boot that stroke victims currently

  • use but it's now motorized to help lift and move the user's leg forward giving them a

  • longer and more confident stride. A sensor inside the boot detects when the user is walking

  • and starts to automatically assist, allowing them to take bigger steps and they're shooting

  • for commercial availability by 2015.

  • The PicoBrew Zymatic is the world's first all grain in home beer brewing system. It's

  • essentially an espresso maker for beer. All you have to do is load up your hops and barley,

  • choose the kind of beer you want, press go and let it do its thing. Within a couple of

  • hours the beer is made and all of the data is sent to your computer so you can save your

  • favorite recipes.

  • Meanwhile, Monsieur is a robotic bartender that learns its user's tastes and customizes

  • the drinks depending on each person. Using a touch screen you can browse through the

  • cocktails and once you pick a drink you choose its strength whether you want normal, lightweight,

  • or boss. It even emails a grocery list to your local liquor store to schedule a delivery

  • when you're running low on ingredients.

  • The Pinocchio lizard is BACK! Thought to be extinct for the last 50 was recently

  • observed by Tropical Herping in Ecuador.

  • Engineering students at Rice made this robotic arm for a teenager named Dee who suffers from

  • a brittle bone disease. The project lasted two years and resulted in this cool robotic

  • arm that gives Dee the ability to safely pick things up and become more independent just

  • in time for him to start college.

  • Split are the worlds first stand alone audio player with no cables and doesn't require

  • bluetooth. It's completely hands free and you can adjust the volume and change tracks

  • by using bite clicks - but you can lock them so you can bite without altering the music.

  • Finally here is Kaleidolapse from mylapse, a beautiful video of different time lapse

  • shots with a kaleidoscopic effect

  • I'm going to leave you with self assembling robot cubes and as always - thanks for watching.

Douwe Egberts setup a face recognition coffee maker that dispenses a cup of coffee when

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