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  • Hi, I'm jess Clements and this is how I do voluminous curls.

  • So I wanted to start by saying that I recently bleached my hair this color from a really dark brown.

  • So a lot of these products are really focused on um breakage and hair health.

  • So I hope you guys are buckled up and ready for that because that's what we're getting into here before I get into the shower.

  • I always spray my hair with the office prime water defense prewashed.

  • This just helps prevent breakage and strengthens your hair when it's wet over the past year and a half or so.

  • I tried so many different shampoo and conditioner combinations to try to find one that I really, really loved.

  • And I always find myself coming back to read kin I've been using the bleach recovery mine and oh my God, It's so good.

  • And I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, only get it wet 23 times a week just because I'm trying to prevent breakage as much as possible.

  • And after the shampoo, I also used the recovery water, the familiar water from that same line and then I put that in my hair, use my tangle teaser to very, very gently brush out my hair so that it's all smooth, no tangles and that, that water is really incorporated throughout all of my hair and I'm still figuring out the purple shampoo, purple conditioner treatment, etcetera world, but I've recently been using the mega buster brass intense repair mask, I think this is probably gonna be it because I tried like three or four different products already and this has been my favorite so far.

  • So I'm probably going to stick to this.

  • So that being said a couple other things I use in the shower are things for my dermatitis.

  • I get scalp dermatitis and I never, ever shower before I go to bed or sleep on wet hair because it always, always, always causes my dermatitis to flare up.

  • One of my favorite things for preventing it is the drunk elephant happy scalp scrub and this is an H A.

  • B.

  • H A blend that exploits away um, some of the dead skin and stuff on your scalp.

  • I find that using this once a week or even once every other week really helps me prevent any scalp issues and when I do have a flare up, when I do have any sort of issue, it's so hard to get rid of.

  • I just used all, I had a medicated shampoo from a dermatologist for a while, but for me personally, I think it works just as well.

  • There's really only a couple of products that I like using for styling my hair.

  • I don't use a lot of hair spray or things like that.

  • My favorite is the color wow dream coat.

  • Someone actually damned me about this and I tried like a mini bottle of it and went through it so quickly.

  • Really, really adore this.

  • So I'm gonna spray some of this in my hair to start out, It's probably plenty.

  • I have a dice and hair wrap and I typically will just smooth my hair out or if my hair is like 98% dry, just finish off the drying process with this.

  • I love the circle brush attachment.

  • Mm hmm.

  • I have to hit the reset button, wow.

  • So I just, I just tried my hair a little bit with that brush just to drive down the product before I get a curling wand in there.

  • My favorite curling iron is the T three whirl.

  • I'm using the larger barrel.

  • I think it's the one .5".

  • I'm going to start with taking a small section of my bangs here and curling it super quickly just for a couple of seconds here.

  • I like to shake out the heat in my curl a little bit before I let it down my things on this side as well.

  • Yeah, and for my front pieces, I'll grab one of these um velcro rollers and then just kind of roll them up like this as well just to kind of make sure that they sit up and stay curled and I'll do that from my front pieces as well with smaller rollers.

  • So I take sections about this big and both of these front pieces, I'm going to curl out and then I'm going to alternate around my head.

  • I don't know if you can see that.

  • Just bring that in.

  • It's taking a clip on there, put it on this side.

  • Okay, so the rest of my hair, I'll just take chunks about the same size and I'm going to curl this in words now and then I'm going to curl the rest of these off camera and see you guys in a minute.

  • Okay, so now that my hair is all curled, I am going to take these out.

  • Sometimes I will pin up all of my curls but for time's sake, I did not do that today.

  • I'm gonna give my hair a little bit of a shake before I take my bangs out and sometimes I will wreak earl any top pieces here but I think they all look good right now and take these out.

  • I like using the bigger roller on my bangs just because it makes it a little bit softer.

  • I feel like it's a nicer um prettier way for the bank to lay from here.

  • I typically will use a little bit of the sorbet dry texturizing spray if I feel like I need a little bit more volume or just want to make my hair feel like a little bit more worn in textured but I'm not going to add any today because I really like how my hair is looking quite soft and I can run my fingers through it.

  • So I'm gonna keep it that way and add some of this maybe in my second or third day if I want it, I am going to add a little bit of the solar plex bonding oil on the ends of my hair just for a little extra shine.

  • And then when I think there's like none left on my hands, I'll run it over kind of the front pieces on the top of my hair too, just for some shine.

  • And I have one more product that I want to share that I'm gonna go grab last product.

  • I'm also not she do any of this?

  • No, I don't think I need this today.

  • I'm also not going to use this today.

  • Well maybe I will know.

  • I'm just nah, no, the last product I want to talk about almost use this today.

  • It's the I.

  • D.

  • K.

  • Coconut oil air dry styler.

  • This stuff is amazing.

  • It's just like a coconut oil gel.

  • I put some on my hands, I'll use it to kind of tame down my flyways or if I'm doing like a slicked back bun or something like that, it really just slicks everything down.

  • It makes it really neat, but it never looks crunchy, which is what I absolutely love.

  • One last thing I wanted to talk about since I have been talking about bleaching my hair and then I've just used heat tools on it most of the time.

  • What I use is this little sausage thing, this is from Heedless hair and I'll put this on my hair and then, you know, just wrapped pieces around it like that, taking a little bit more and wrapping until I have all of my hair wrapped.

  • I'll sleep on it and then I take it out and it's like the most perfect curls, very similar to this.

  • Maybe a little tiny bit tighter because this is um from a larger barrel than obviously the little thing is I do this, I don't know twice a week and then my hair stays Crawley for like two or three days until I wash it again.

  • So that is my entire routine.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching, tuning in.

Hi, I'm jess Clements and this is how I do voluminous curls.

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