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  • Trin?

  • Trinity?

  • Trinity?

  • - I'm here. - Where?

  • Here.

  • We made it.

  • You said we would.

  • It's unbelievable, Trin.

  • Light everywhere.

  • Like the whole thing was built of light.

  • I wish you could see what I see.

  • You've already shown me so much.

  • What is it, Trinity? What's wrong?

  • I can't go with you, Neo.

  • I've gone as far as I can.

  • What?

  • Oh, no.

  • Oh, no. No, no.

  • It's all right.

  • It's time.

  • I've done all that I could do.

  • Now you have to do the rest.

  • You have to finish it.

  • You have to save Zion.

  • I can't.

  • - Not without you. - Yes, you can.

  • You will.

  • I believe it. I always have.

  • Trinity.

  • Trinity, you can't die.

  • You can't.

  • You can't.

  • Yes, I can.

  • You brought me back once.

  • But not this time.

  • Do you remember...

  • ...on that roof, after you caught me...

  • ...the last thing I said to you?

  • You said, "I'm sorry."

  • I wish I hadn't.

  • That was my last thought.

  • I wished I had one more chance...

  • say what really mattered.

  • To say how much I loved you.

  • How grateful I was for every moment I was with you.

  • But by the time I knew how to say what I wanted to, it was too late.

  • But you brought me back.

  • You gave me my wish.

  • One more chance to say what I really wanted to say.

  • Kiss me.

  • Once more...

  • ...kiss me.

  • Get that ammunition where it belongs!


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Trinity dies | The Matrix Revolutions [Open Matte]

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