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How to Feng Shui Your Workspace. Lure luck your way at your workplace by arranging things
according to the ancient Chinese design philosophy known as feng shui. You will need A plant
A desktop fountain or fishbowl Blue, purple, and red desk accessories A black briefcase
or laptop bag Photos and a desk lamp. Step 1. De-clutter your desk and workspace, which
is the most important thing you can do to balance the _chi_—or energy—in your office.
Step 2. Repair or get rid of anything that’s broken—like a pen that’s out of ink or
a flickering desk lamp. They block your chi. Step 3. Put a plant on your desk to absorb
energy-draining emissions from your computer. Just avoid cacti, whose pointy needles attract
negative energy. Try an orchid if your job requires you to suffer fools gladly. Feng
shui experts believe orchids are symbols of patience. Step 4. The placement of your desk
and chair should allow you to see who’s coming into the room. Business and opportunity
symbolically come to you through the door; so don’t turn your back on it. If you can,
position your desk so a solid wall is behind you. To “watch your back” even more effectively,
make sure your chair has proper back support. Step 5. Place a desktop fountain or fish bowl
on or near your desk. These decorations activate the water element, inviting the flow of money
and success. Feng shui aside, fish and fountains are relaxing. They’ll help calm you down
when you’re stressed. Step 6. Use desk accessories and office supplies in blues, purples, and
reds, which are the colors of calm, creativity, and recognition. Black is the color of money,
so use a black briefcase or laptop bag. Step 7. To promote harmony, place pictures of loved
ones on the upper-right corner of your desk. Step 8. Keep your wastebasket as far away
from your desk as possible. If you must have one, place it at the bottom-left corner of
your desk. Step 9. If your office has overhead, fluorescent lighting, try getting one of the
bulbs removed to decrease the lighting intensity. Then, add a desk lamp that provides the right
amount of lighting for your work area. Did you know Disney executives consulted a feng
shui master when building Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005, leading them to place several waterfalls
around the park to accumulate luck and wealth.
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How to Feng Shui Your Workspace

1541 Folder Collection
Angel Lin published on August 27, 2014
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