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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer with Tarle  speech with your tip on how to pronounce  

  • a suffix today. Our suffix today is  

  • ment and we are going to pronounce ment as munt  and it's going to be an unstressed syllable.

  • To so to say this syllablewe're going to start with the m  

  • sound. To do this put your lips togetherair is going to move out of your nose.

  • Next open your mouth. It's going to be relaxed.  

  • Tongue in the middle of your  mouth for a short uh sound.

  • Then touch the tip of your tongue to the  back of your top front teeth for that n nnn.  

  • Air is moving out of your nose.

  • Then quickly shift the air to coming out  

  • of your mouth as you pull your tongue  down away from your teeth N T N T

  • munt munt munt

  • And we hear this in the words 

  • adjustment development 

  • punishment replacement 

  • amusement amazement 

  • encouragement and refreshment

  • If you say an ent or an int at the end for that  short e or that short i. Totally fine! You just  

  • want that to be an unstressed, shorter vowel  sound at the end of the word in that suffix.

  • So one more time adjustment 

  • amusement development 

  • amazement punishment 

  • encouragement replacement  

  • and refreshment

  • So give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference! If you found  

  • this helpful we would love it if you shared  us with your friends. If you need more help  

  • you can check out our products on googleiTunes and our classes at Tarle speech.

  • Thanks so much everyone!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer with Tarle  speech with your tip on how to pronounce  

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B1 suffix adjustment replacement punishment amusement tongue

English Pronunciation Word Stress Suffixes -MENT | adjustment development punishment replacement

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    Summer posted on 2021/12/13
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