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  • Hi everyone merry Christmas! It is jennifer and  Claire from Tarle Speech and we are here with  

  • your Christmas lesson. Since we are celebrating  baby Jesus's birthday today our words today are  

  • Jesus Christ and that is the  central figure of christianity;  

  • and Christmas the celebration of Jesus's birth.

  • So show us those words Claire.

  • Okay so we have Jesus. Let's start with that.  

  • So to say Jesus we are going to start with thatsound j. And to do this you're going to touch the  

  • tip of your tongue to the back of your top front  teeth and then pull it back quickly for that j  

  • j j sound. Next move to that long e tongue is  high and flat smile and hold that long e je.  

  • Next we're going to move to thesound yes the z spelled with an s;  

  • but we're going to pronounce a z here. And to  do that the tip of your tongue is going to be  

  • pointed slightly down or just behind the top front  teeth. It is not touching. Your voice box is on  

  • and moving. Then we're going to move to that short  uh. Just relaxed mouth and then end with an s.  

  • Again tip of the tongue is down or behind  the top front teeth it is not touching.

  • Let's put it all together:

  • jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus

  • And now for the next two words can you  hold this up to the side maybe over here.  

  • Let's see how we're gonna do that? Okay  perfect! Okay this gets confusing because  

  • the word Christ is pronounced with a longand Christmas is pronounced with a short i and  

  • no t. That t is silent. So to say Christ and  Christmas we're going to start with that kr  

  • and to do that tip of your tongue is  down back of your tongue is pulled high  

  • up for that k. Keep your tongue thereSquare tense lips and then say that R.

  • For the long i open mouth moves to a smileFor the short i relaxed mouth mouth is just  

  • slightly open. Tip of your tongue will  just be peeking out below your top teeth.  

  • Then we're going to move to the s for both  of those tip of the tongue is either down  

  • or behind the top front teeth. Sorry about thatAnd the air is going to be moving so we have cry  

  • and chris. Now for the s t here you know  how to say the s, then what you're going  

  • to do is just touch the tip of your tongue to  the back of your top front teeth for that t.  

  • Christ Christ Christ. Try that second  part Christ Christ one more time Christ.

  • And then for Christmas, after you say that s,  

  • new syllable and then you're  just going to end with mus.  

  • Lips together for that m, open relaxed mouth for  that uh, and then you know the drill for the s.

  • Let's put it all together chris mus chris muss christmas christmas christmas 

  • christmas christmas christmas

  • And let's try those words one  more time Jesus Christ Christmas

  • Try them all Jesus Christ Christmas.

  • And we have another special guest star todayWho do we have Claire? Show them. We brought  

  • baby Jesus from our manger because we are  celebrating Jesus's birthday. And there he  

  • is! So merry Christmas to you all, happy birthday  baby Jesus, and may you all have a wonderful day!

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas!

  • bye!

Hi everyone merry Christmas! It is jennifer and  Claire from Tarle Speech and we are here with  

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