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Cornelis, would you rather have a 2 door coupe or a 4 door coupe?
Well, since I have a family you might expect I prefer the 4 door,
but the rear doors of the CLA don't really make a difference.
There's still no space in the back.
With this cars, it's the engine that counts.
meet BMW's M235i and Mercedes' CLA 45 AMG.
Both sexy cars have more than 300 PS, but they're very different.
This is a very traditional BMW.
BMW is busy building 3 cylinder engines, but this has an inline 6.
Being an 'M-Performance' model, it's not a real M,
but it's still a lot of fun to drive.
It complies with all of the BMW brand values.
It's great that BMW put a 6 cylinder engine in this car.
The turbo mutes the sound a bit, but it still is a very nice engine.
It's connected to a very good 8 speed automatic.
It's not as free-revving as an M4, but still a very nice car to drive.
This CLA also offers absolutely everything you need.
However, it has a completely different character.
Instead of a 6-cylinder, Mercedes uses a very powerful 4-cyl.
The engine is 1 litre smaller than the BMW's, and had 2 cyl. less.
This gives it a completely different character.
It deliveres a stunning 360 PS,
but it doesn't feel like that at all.
When driving in comfort-mode, it just feels like a smooth car.
No more, no less.
Put it in 'S', and it feels a bit more like an AMG.
Still, it's just not sharp enough. It's all a bit too smooth...
The only thing that is really spectacular is the sound.
The BMW-engine gives a better show than the one in the Mercedes.
Besides the engine, it has a very good chassis.
Of course, it's RWD, and it's possible to switch off the safety systems.
Doing that means you have to handle the car all by yourself.
The driver is in control, and that's a lot of fun.
The optional locking differential makes things even better.
The idea of being in control is what I miss in the CLA.
This car has 4 wheel drive, making it extremely fast in corners.
No matter what you do, it just keeps cornering.
It never feels like I'm the one that controls the car.
It feels like a very easy racegame:
you're very quick, but it's the technology that does the work.
I think that's a pity.
The CLA 45 AMG is an impressive car, but the M235i is more fun.
The Mercedes might be faster, but the BMW gives you a bigger smile,
thanks to both engine and chassis.
But, Cornelis...
One of our viewers is worried about the engine in the AMG.
360 PS from a 2 litre engine is remarkable,
but do you think this engine has a long lifespan?
Most of the time, you only use half of the power,
Since no one drives full-throttle all the time?
Indeed, so I wouldn't worry about it.
I don't think the Mercedes is less durable than the BMW.
That's clear.
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BMW M235i vs Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG (English subtitled)

2420 Folder Collection
Peter Hung published on August 27, 2014
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