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How to Use a Potato in Unusual Ways. Potatoes may be full of vitamins, but they're also
full of hidden uses. You will need A potato Ski goggles A scratch awl or screwdriver A
floral arrangement Shoes and shoe polish and tarnished silverware. Step 1. Rub your hands
with a raw potato to remove food stains. Step 2. Apply cut slices of raw, cold potato to
your eyes to make puffiness disappear. Step 3. Hold a floral arrangement in place by cutting
a potato in half lengthwise and placing it cut side down. Poke holes in the potato with
the scratch awl or screwdriver where you want the flowers to go, and then insert the stems.
Step 4. Restore your old shoes by cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing it on your
shoes. Then apply shoe polish for shine. Step 5. Use a potato as a hot compress by boiling
it, wrapping it in a towel, and then applying it to the area. Refrigerate a boiled potato
to use as a cold compress. Step 6. Remove tarnish from your silverware by first boiling
a couple of potatoes. Remove the potatoes and set your silverware in the water for one
hour. Then wash and rinse the silverware. Did you know Did you know? Thomas Jefferson
introduced French fried potatoes to the U.S.
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How to Use a Potato in Unusual Ways

1509 Folder Collection
Rachel Chen published on August 27, 2014
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