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its way they treat the world and succeeded in
contaminating their own blood nevermind water
table peephole been expecting you for some reason
at our house I will call what the flick everybody I'm at actually this is a lot
harder all the we're talking about a vampire me only lovers left alive
CSU thought you never wanted to see another vampire movie this point but it
turns out you do
at least you want to see one that is written directed by Jim Jarmusch the guy
a down by law and goes dogging broken flowers
above the growler I dead man yes you know this guy
bring something to the table I for one thing he brings to with women Tom
Hiddleston and frankly that's enough right there I think
are but they are they play a big married couple %uh vampires who have been around
for centuries
and happily living in separate cities the inside to get together and hang out
in Detroit for a while
check it out is there a possibility of a night it from 10 to two tries
is that correct I'll
tumbling min when you can
string quintet should he had a dream
the banking system
should she be sleep in a coffin someone doing probably wouldn't stick something
I'm really really hungry in you may be onto something
did you smell it away from it
you looking awfully kalen the end up doing company
does that mean really good stuff precise
you've been pretty lucky in love that Chinese
you know I i'm died but not the giantess Jim Jarmusch rather be on at like I
respect that he doesn't understand why he is important in
in the cinema not one of my personal favorites
and a god knows I was not want to see a vampire movie at this point and I really
thank me later if they were together really well those two things like he
has come fun things to say and then an interesting spin on this kinda stuff
yeah this is this the movie that you know I can't decide
if it's the type a movie that hipsters will love or it's the type a movie
that's like securing the idea of hipsters right I
you know you've got these two what three characters four characters that have
been around literally for centuries
and talk about all the stuff that they know that super old school
I'm and they can I have this little bit you know more than a little bit of kinda
what they look down at regular people the columns armies right
you know it's its its really interesting movie
I think that a lot of ways these characters will be insufferable
if they work vampires months you know in another enemy in another in the movie
we're if you heard people dropping references 20 schuman Einstein and Tesla
Model Law
you like her whatever but this guy is new with those rivals it's okay I really
earn the right to love
things that are holding obscure because they weren't there for the right you're
going good so so yeah like Tom Hiddleston you know as a composer and
and now he's making the sorta kinda underground ronny music
but he's very are analog everything I've got is all school
recording equipment in guitars & you know loves like these
been obscure R&B singles which again did
if you were to vampire they got was good the tool but because he isn't 100 course
he would be into that now
you know to be clear this is a different kind of vampire movie this isn't you
know the romance like Twilight
and this isn't like a scary super disturbing vampire novels are not on the
hot big your blood from hospira
this is more about kinda like the mechanics are people panel you know
living off the grid so to speak and at having the secret lives
on is a slow thoughtful film political a really smart stuff to say
the performance is a really interesting especially
I wouldn't put Tilda Swinton Tom Hiddleston together
but they work really well together yeah I both they're both
attractive people in on it mmmm dragon in an unusual way
right you they aren't sorta like stock pretty but they're both really striking
you know handsome and they have a they come to carry this idea I love
I am I have a customer review the like she's she's worldly but she's not
you like the right jaded about it but you can tell they've seen it all
this bright rate may have been there and they've done that but what's interesting
you know that's a good point like what's interesting is state name bodies
characters and there's lines and specific things where
you know you would think that they would be world-weary and yet there still would
joyful experience yeah but she she has her reasons
really fast in every language on earth but she reads no
and she packed up to go to TripIt all she does is take books right said I I
like this we lie I like Jonathan her I mean
from her John Hurt yeah I you know I won't reveal who his character his I
yeah biological he's relief I and II me lhasa Costco
yeah she's or the trouble making younger vampire write music is a big part of
I you know it's its you don't like a lot of Jim Jarmusch movies but this one
really kinda feels very low fi I
you know the they go to I 10 jeers and leave it is and and
that that Lebanese singer over I'm there
this moment that is almost kinda throw a moment but it's really neat moment
love just kinda the joy of music in the middle the movie news I like this film a
lot and it's something I've been thinking about a lot you know
I saw this the night after I saw
under the skin and 00 which is a also in a certain way kind of a vampire movie is
your area in a certain way
and its way to wildly different vampire movies as to
what we're used to seeing but this one really it's more a character study about
people that have
the vampires you know I i've been there so does amor Amor the lost boys you know
the the tag line was you know be young forever or whatever and
this we sorta like what do you do with all that time
how are you going to film it how are you going to make it fulfilling to you
and so the idea I love a a vampire who who devours literature another one who
composes music okay yeah
you need you want like all the time in the world did
to pursue those thing you know sorry I this is the Google Panda Anton Yelchin
has a small roles good also Jeffrey Wright
arm it's a cool looking movie was shot by the guy who was a cinematographer on
I am love that amazing told us when we were a couple years ago when he shot
swimming pool and some other movies
and for a you know it's kinda like that the
with my command movie with Tom Cruise the collateral collateral
you know if you're going to shoot a movie entirely at night you have to come
up with ways to make things look different
and he you know you to a Detroit midnite
is different than the pre-dawn hours obtained years like there's a lot of
shade the the darkness in this movie it's really work
it's cool to look at its fun to watch the performance is a really cool
it is you know i mean it's a it's a German Sri lemme so it's laid back and
look on it but
I think it's a lot of fun playback is a really probably the best way to describe
this movie but I like this one what are your score
pride in it yeah I'm gonna give mind probably an eight as well so it's only
two were in a worrisome to me and I believe it's
in the eighties on the team and we are delighted by like in the high 80's I so
much XO
over the flood check it out thanks
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Only Lovers Left Alive (w/ Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton) Movie Review

2470 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on August 26, 2014
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