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How are you?
Good. Are you having a nice day?
Sort of.
I get up at six o'clock. I sleep around three o'clock. I get up at six o'clock.
No! Three hours?
-Yeah. -Only?
I did hear that you only have like one day off a year. Is this true?
There's only one Jackie Chan.
So now, my first question is to ask you is it really true that this is possibly your
last action movie?
Two years ago, I was in Cannes. I really wanted to say that's my last big action movie. Probably
the big. Not loud enough. I just said that's my last big action movie.
So next day, immediate: "Jackie Chan last action movie." No last big action movie.
Physical movie. Because physical is difficult. You know, you have to go through the jumping
through the car window and jumping to the building. The Rush Hour 2 with the cash machine.
These kind of things, I cannot do anymore, but action I still can do it. Machine gun,
punch, kicking, yeah. Physical, I might stop. Less, less.
Just less. Okay, I'm pleased. We were all very worried.
-Hello. -Hey JC. It's Jonathan.
I am on holiday.
What would you say has been the most dangerous stunt you've ever done?
Jump. Supercop jump to the helicopter. From the roof.
And how big was the fall?
There was a nine-storey high, and the helicopter was about...
about that far away, about ten or twelve feet.
I had to run to catch the ladder below.
Crazy, and do you ever get nervous when you're filming this one?
I do get nervous. On the first day they come, I do scare. I say no, not today. I said cancel.
I'm not going to jump today. Then we do some dialogue scene. The second day, and they asked
me. I still don't want to jump, but they tell me. You know what? There's hundreds of paparazzi
across the street with a long lens.
Then I go on the ground and look at so many paparazzi just waiting. I don't know where
they get the message. Then I said, I've got to jump. I've got to jump.
And I get up. I go to the roof. I pretend I don't know the paparazzi are there. The
helicopter comes. I just tell the helicopter come close. I used a crane to lift the ladder.
Then I jumped from about this height, not really high. Then I jumped. Okay. Then I put
the red tip on the ladder, okay? The red tip. And I say go! The helicopter goes, then I
went on the roof waiting. Then waiting the helicopter comes. First I wait, wait, wait.
Then I just no. Too far away. You die right away. Then they come back. Just seeing. Ah!
I run. You know what? I missed the wind. You know the helicopter? They start the wind.
I jump. The wind pushed me down.
And I see, I see the red mark like this...
I catch the second one, and the whole... I catch the helicopter goes around, put me back
to the roof. Then it goes away. I see everybody clapping. You know what? I'm too scared, but
in that time I walked to the edge of the building. I know the paparazzi are taking a photo. I
just okay good? Okay, next shot.
But all the time's lucky. Yeah.
Do you get nervous when you watch your own stunts? When you watch them back?
I'm proud. I'm proud. I think...
I'm very lucky. The studio put this kind of money, government support, local government
support and you design your own stunt. The people let you jump these kind of things.
Normal people, they want to jump. They won't allow you to jump. so this one, I said I'm
very lucky. I've got to do it. I've got to do it. I'm not Superman. I'm just ordinary
people. I'm scared. I'm shaking. But I just, I've got to do it because for the responsibility,
for the movie, for the audience, for the company. I've got to do it.
What are you top three tips for anybody who wants to be a better action movie star?
There's a lot of things. There's so many good actors out there, but first you have to know,
choreograph, how to choreograph. After you know how to choreograph, you have to know
the camera angle. After you know three things, then you have to - most important - you know
how to editing. Editing is very important to helping your own action sequence. Last,
you've got to have a good team.
Before I finish, I'm sure you've heard the really sad news about Robin Williams. Did
you ever meet him? What's your memory of him?
This morning when I got up, I turned on the TV. It's a big shock. All of the flashback,
and I remember he sent me a photo. Right now the photo hangs in my office. Long time ago,
I was in Oscar green room. I was standing there because my English was not very good.
I was shy, and I'm hiding. I'm afraid to talk to people. I'm afraid. Suddenly there's a
guy in front of me. Wow! Robin Williams.
"Jackie Chan. Big fan. Do you know how much I love you?"
Then he just kept talking. I tried to say something back, but I can't because he's so
Okay, you stay there. I'll go. You're good. You're the man, and then he's gone. Then
I look at him. I call my manager. You know Robin Williams? Can you ask him for a photo
with autograph? Then he called him. He sent me a photo, but this day. Today I'm just shocked.
Even though I don't really know him, it seems like I lost a best friend.
Well thank you so much for your time. It's been such a pleasure meeting you. I can't tell you.
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Jackie Chan interview: Done with action movies? Plus Robin Williams memories

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姚易辰 published on August 26, 2014
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