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Kids react to cat videos!
Marmalade the cat.
Oh, that cat's getting into the trash can!
No, don't put yourself in the trash.
Why is the cat going into the trash can?
Obviously that cat likes trash cans.
Ooh, it's a jack-in-the-box!
That is...aww!
This orange cat is crazy.
That cat is cuckoo.
(laughter) It's cat-in-the-box.
That one's just like, "What is going on, friend?"
Quality internet video.
Thanks fur watching!
Thanks fur watching!
That might be my favorite cat video ever.
I never knew that...
Wait, cats don't like water!
Look, kitty's getting wet. Aww.
Cats are not supposed to like water.
Oh my gosh! (laughs)
He's drinking!
These cats are really thirsty.
I can't believe she's getting it all in there.
- (owners laugh) - That cat is crazy.
A bit strange. I thought cats like milk.
Cats drinking water's the newest internet trend.
Question time!
(Finebros) If you were to describe these videos in one word,
- what would it be? - Smart.
Weird, strange, happiness.
Love it!
(Finebros) What was happening in that first video with the cat
jumping in the trash can?
The cat was trying to hide from the other black cat.
And then the black cat was walking around, thinking,
"What the heck is that cat doing?"
Maybe something was thrown away that he wanted to eat?
They should make that a toy! Cat-in-the-box.
Probably wanted to play hide-and-go-seek.
Meow! Meooow.
Meow, meow, meow! Meow, meow, meow, meow!
Maybe it wanted some alone time.
Everybody needs their own little quiet time.
His quiet time was probably in a trash can.
(Finebros) If you went into the kitchen and found a cat in a trash can,
- what would you do? - I would just leave the cat alone.
Stumble backwards, like, "Ahh!"
Um...okay! Little buddy, you're not trash. You're adorable!
Of all the places cats can go and hang out,
I've never heard of a cat hiding out in a trash can.
(Finebros) The next video was the cat in the sink.
- What did you think of that? - I loved it!
Cats, I thought, don't like water.
It's kinda weird that that cat likes it.
That was so disgusting. That's ocean water.
Fish pee in that water!
(Finebros) Next was the cat and the water squirt bottle.
I call that a brilliant idea.
That was a bit absurd.
(Finebros) If cats don't like water, why did this cat like it so much?
'Cause this cat is strange.
There're always weird ones in the group.
Some different types of breeds of cats actually do like water.
(Finebros) Have you ever sprayed water at a cat before?
Does my sister count?
(Finebros) Would you like to drink water this way?
I've actually done it that way before.
No way. (sneezes)
No, and no, and I don't know why you're asking me this question.
(Finebros) Well, I happen to have a spray bottle.
Nooo! No!
Okay, now that cat is really strange.
(Finebros) Cat videos are some of the most popular videos
on the Internet.
- Why do people love cat videos so much? - Because they're cute.
And they do really weird things.
Because humans aren't interesting enough.
Cats are so adorable!
You just want to pinch their cheeks.
Cats have their own way of thinking, and it's just so creative.
'Cause it's funny, 'cause cats are cats,
and cats are cats, and cats, cat, cat, cat, cat.
And Grumpy Cat.
'Cause cat videos are awesome, alright?
If you don't have a cat, watch a cat video.
If you're feeling sad, watch a cat video.
A cat video can do anything for you!
(Finebros) So out of all these videos, which cat video was your favorite?
Oh, dumpster kitty.
The one with the cat in the faucet.
The squirt bottle one.
The dumpster kitty.
The one with the cat drinking the weird way, with its head under the faucet.
The spray bottle one.
The hot days of summer?
Dumpster kitten.
Spray bottle one.
The water bottle thing.
It's gotta be that trash can.
Why? Whyyy?
Hello, everyone! And thank you so much for watching this episode of Kids React!
These videos are part of the award show, The Friskies, that celebrate
everyday cats being awesome.
This episode featured the finalists from the "strange" category.
The kids are also going to be reacting to the finalists
of the other three award show categories-- epic, funny, and rescue--
exclusively on the React Channel.
And we actually uploaded a whole new episode also over there today,
so all you have to do to check that out is to click below.
Also, voting is now open through September 8th
at friskies.com, where you get to decide the winners.
For every vote, Friskies will donate a can of food to shelter cats,
up to 250,000 cans.
So after you watch the new video on the React Channel,
go vote to help make a difference, and also celebrate
these hilarious cats and their owners!
Thanks so much, as always, for all your support.
(together) Bye!
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TheFineBros - 小孩子對貓咪影片的反應 (中文字幕)

2214 Folder Collection
陳嗯彥 published on August 25, 2014
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