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  • right mm.

  • Yeah.

  • Way to peace.

  • And the demonstration continues to get uglier at slate and company following the unexpected layoff of virtually the entire labor force by VP fred Flintstone for the cave news network.

  • This is Susan rock fred.

  • Did you hear what happened?

  • Everyone at the quarry today?

  • A few hours ago I sent them all off on a nice long vacation.

  • You mean a permanent vacation?

  • He fired them fred.

  • How could you?

  • I didn't do that.

  • You did too.

  • It's all over the tv fred, Wilma.

  • Who are you gonna believe me or some busboy?

  • That busboy is your best friend?

  • Best friend?

  • Best friend.

  • I lost my best friend the day I became an executive.

  • He's just jealous of my hard earned success.

  • Hard earned.

  • Tell me something mr.

  • Vice president.

  • What's a graduated inventory plan huck?

  • How about supply and demand?

  • Hey, fred what's doing too?

  • I didn't come here to talk business.

  • I'm out with my wife now get me a clean spoon.

  • Yeah, that's it.

  • The only reason you got that job is because I switch test with you.

  • Oh, barney!

  • Hell that's rich.

  • What good would it do me to switch test with a guy that got the lowest score in the quarry.

  • Think about it fred.

  • Oh finally it all makes sense.

  • You don't believe this.

  • Do you?

  • Are you calling my husband a liar?

  • Now this has gone far enough after everything that we've done for you.

  • We took you into our home.

  • So yeah.

  • So you can show off every chance you got.

  • You used to be such nice people.

  • But now you're just a couple of rich snobs.

  • Better than being a couple of petty in grace.

  • Come on barney, We are moving out tonight.

  • Hang on, Betty.

  • I forgot to punch out.

right mm.

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The Flintstones (1994) - Punching Out Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

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