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  • guys did you do your english homeworks?

  • Wait what?

  • That's not right.

  • Yeah.

  • Hello guys, My name is funny.

  • And in this video, I'm going to talk to you about a very common speaking and spelling mistake in english and we're going to focus on the words work and homework.

  • So the first thing you need to know when the word work is a verb, it can take an S.

  • If it's the third person singular.

  • So you will say I work hard, he works hard.

  • Okay.

  • Very common, very normal.

  • Vocab.

  • Okay, so it takes an S.

  • The third person singular.

  • That's when work is a verb.

  • Now, when you say I have a lot of work, work in this case is not a verb, it's a noun and you have to know when work is a noun.

  • It does not take an S.

  • Because there's no plural.

  • You cannot say I have a lot of works.

  • It's always singular because it's an uncountable now.

  • Okay, so I have a lot of work or you could say I don't have much work.

  • Okay, Because it's uncountable now, it can take a plural form, but only if it means not mental exertion.

  • Like I have a lot of work, but if it means a series of art pieces or literature pieces and that's the only meaning of the word work that allows you to use the plural form.

  • So for example, you can say the works of Picasso the works of Picasso, meaning the paintings of Picasso.

  • Okay, so art pieces, That's not the same as I have a lot of work.

  • Okay.

  • Now when you use the compound noun homework, it's exactly the same as work as an uncountable noun.

  • It's uncountable.

  • Okay, so when you say I have a lot of homeworks, it's wrong.

  • You cannot use the plural form.

  • It's uncountable.

  • You have to say I have a lot of homework.

  • If you really want to emphasis the fact that you have many things to do at home, you can use another word and say assignment.

  • You can say I have many assignments.

  • It's the same as homework but it is countable.

  • Okay, so in a nutshell walk as a verb, so does take an S If it's the third person singular work as a noun is uncountable unless it means pieces of art or pieces of literature and the word homework is also uncountable.

  • No plural form.

  • Okay guys, I really hope you understand that.

  • I hope it has helped.

  • Please make sure to watch the other videos and as we say in french.

  • Mhm.

  • Thank you guys for watching my video.

  • I hope you liked it.

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  • See you.

guys did you do your english homeworks?

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