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  • uh Comic in another year.

  • Another Adventure.

  • Except this time, it's finally in Tokyo Japan.

  • The convention ran from December 2 to the 4th and we have the chance to check it out.

  • Get ready for a quick look at what Tokyo's first ever Comic Con convention had to offer, get it, get it, get it.

  • Mhm.

  • Hey guys, I'm in Tokyo a comic con.

  • It's the first.

  • Tokyo is the first comic con in Tokyo and its 2016 and everybody's really excited about it.

  • You're going to be over there and we're going to just explore since they have here.

  • What is the energy drink, raising?

  • Rising, Rising.

  • I definitely want to buy something, but I don't know what I want to buy yet.

  • So we're just gonna look around at the booth and see what they had.

  • I think chili around like this Taco rice and this is 1,010,000 yet.

  • There's still very hard to believe that this is your first comic convention.

  • All right, So, I guess we're done at Comic Con today and we had a really good time.

  • There wasn't too much to see.

  • I thought it was gonna be a little bit bigger, but um if you like to buy like a bunch of merchandise and stuff like that um It's cool to come and then walk around.

  • I definitely get some tickets beforehand to meet people and talk to people and everything, especially the celebrities.

  • But um yeah, everybody was dressed up really awesome and yeah, I think next year there's gonna be a lot of people dressing up more.

  • I'd like to dress up too, so I'm definitely coming back next year.

  • So the tickets are really cheap.

  • It was only like 2000 yen.

  • So yeah, you guys should come to Tokyo and experience it.

  • So thanks for watching.

  • I'll see you guys later.

  • So you guys in the next video.

uh Comic in another year.

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Tokyo Comicon 2016

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