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[Music] As an airline passager
you may barely notice the changes
taking place of the next ten years
to fulfil your flights.
[Terminal brocasting]...
But you will appreciate
the increased safety, environmental benefits,
and reduced delays
as the Next Generation Air Transportation System
is adopted.
[Dynamic music]...
[Dynamic music] [ATC communications]...
... Roger!

Best illustrate the benefits of NextGen,
let's first look at how your flight saves
from Los Angeles to Washington
that is managed today.
[Engines sound]...
As your plane pulls away from the gate
and gets in line,
your pilot is talking to the controller
in the LAX Tower
for the critical routing information.
[Engines screaming]...
After takeoff,
a TRACON controler steers the pilot through
the maneuvers to rise a thousands of feet
while covering about a hundred ground miles
At about twenty-three thousand feet,
your pilot talks through another controller,
Los Angeles Center,
to direct the plane to its final cruising altitude
of thirty-five thousand feet.
Across the country,
your plane follows other planes
like cars on the interstate highway
as with cars the route is dictated
by what's on the ground.
Your plane must pass the radar fixes
generally not the most direct paths.
And every time the plane crosses
an airspace boundary,
your pilot changes radio frequencies
more than twenty five times across country;
and makes adjustments in the flight,
speeding up, slowing down,
and changing directions.
[Thunderstorm striking]...
Bad weather overset in the Midwest
will force your plane into
inefficient flight paths,
and keep other planes on the ground
creating delays that ripple throughout the country.
When your plane begins
the slow descent to Washington,
your pilot steps down,
levels off,
and speeds up;
but also moving aroud to safely align
with other traffic
on the way to the runway at Dulles.
[Engines sound]...
Now, let's look at how NexGen
will improve your flight...
[Tape rewinding sound]...
The approvement's kicking in
as your plane leaves the gate.
Surface Traffic Management on the ground
makes things simpler, safer,
and more orderly for both pilots
and Tower controllers.
[Music] For one, they spend less time
talking to each other on the radio,
this reduces communications errors
as digital data communications
presides a visual instruction,
expedites clearances.
The orders of departure setup automatically
reducing long waits and enhancing safety.
As the plane heads to the runway,
pilots and controllers,
each have a real time GPS map
for all ground traffic
within such tools as ADS-B and ASDE-X
This greatly improves airfield safety,
through a reliable shared view
of the planes' surroudings,
particularly during bad weather.
During takeoff,
precision RNAV and RNP procedures
allow multiple-departure paths for each runway
which increases airport capacities.
These same precisions get your plane
quickly out of busy, lower level air sapce
to the cruising altitute while saving fuel.
At thirty-five thousand feet,
GPS-enabled RNAV, RNP and ADS-B,
allow the planes fly closer together
without any losses of safety
which increases airspace capacities.
Meanwhile, aircraft flies more direct paths
that counter wind, destination, traffic
and weather.
[Thunderstorm striking]...
Weather which now counts for seventy percent
of delays becoms the last problem
the thunderstorm over the Midwest
that causes so much trouble today
will be easily handled when shared
networking-able weather information
is fused into decision making tools
through SWIM
Data communications' so useful in the airport
is also useful in the air
as it reduces radio frequency congestion,
errors, and delays.
As your plane lines up
for arrival with other planes
it's placed in line is planned
hunreds of miles in advance.
Instead of the current step-dwon approah,
tailored arrivals and continuous descent arrivals
allow a smoother descent into the airport.
The more precise landing path
allows a steady descent with reduced power
That's cuts time, fuel,
noise, emissions, and holding patterns.
[Engines booming]...
As your plane comes in
for landing in Dulles
Data communications relays the runway
exit point, assigned gate,
and taxi routes to the pilot,
so you'll quickly arrive at the gate doors
exit the plane,
and pick up your luggage.
[Music] As a NextGen passenger,
you may notice the scoop of the flight.
But the really gets your attention
is being on time more often,
you'll also know your own life is safer,
and more fuel-efficient.
And that's what matters
from gate to gate.

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FAA NextGen Gate to Gate 新一代飛航管理系統- 門戶直達 [CC字幕]

12092 Folder Collection
黃翊丞 published on August 25, 2014
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