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JACOB SOBOROFF: I love that sound.
And I'm lucky enough to have the skills, the mobility,
and-- most importantly-- I got the editing
to make me look good.
Mother [BLEEP].
Every day, YouTube Nation would bring you the best videos
around, but today we're doing something special.
We're looking at some incredible athletes that
have overcome obstacles most of us couldn't imagine.
These stories will inspire you, and they
are guaranteed to lift your spirits no matter
what kind of day you're having.
And we're getting some assists from a few awesome teammates
like the ceremonial NBA draft pick Isaiah Austin, UFC
contender Brendan Schaub, and some top sports eTubers.
ISAIAH AUSTIN: Hey, what's up, YouTube Nation?
It's Isaiah Austin.
Just a week before the NBA draft,
I found out that Marfan syndrome will
force me to stop playing the game that I love.
So I know two things very well, basketball and overcoming
And those are two things that I have
in common with an exceptional young man named Kevin Grow.
Kevin is an 18-year-old high school senior.
He's been playing basketball since he was five years old
and was team manager for his varsity squad.
Then the head coach finally put him in the game,
and this happens.
ISAIAH AUSTIN: As if hitting all those threes
wasn't awesome enough, the students created a hashtag,
-The team manager for the Bensalem High School Owls,
rained down four threes Caught the attention
of at least one scout.
Philadelphia 76ers signed Grow to a two-day contract.
ISAIAH AUSTIN: Which led to becoming a Globetrotter.
ISAIAH AUSTIN: Kevin shows us all what true love for the game
is like.
I feel blessed to have known that love myself.
BRENDAN SCHAUB: What's up, guys?
Brendan Schaub here.
If there's one thing I know, it's fighting.
From the emotional ups and downs to training camp.
To losing a big fight or winning a big fight.
Nick Newell was born with a condition that
left him with a shortened left arm.
Despite his disability, he racked up a perfect 10 and 0
record in his first 10 fights.
-When I go out there, I give it everything I have.
And at the end of the day, you can't really
be disappointed in what happens.
If you have an excuse before the fight, you shouldn't fight.
BRENDAN SCHAUB: Nick made history two years ago
when he defeated Eric Reynolds to become
the first one-armed MMA champion.
-Reynolds touched out!
It's good night, Irene!
The fairy tale comes true!
Nick Newell is the XMC champion!
BRENDAN SCHAUB: For me, the sport
is tough enough with two arms.
What's the most gutsy sports performance you've ever seen?
RACHEL DEMITA: Hey guys it's Rachel.
You may know me from my personal channel or from the Swag List.
I've been a basketball player my entire life,
and sometimes I take for granted the fact
that I live in a country that supports all women's athletics.
And that's why for me, this next video is really touching.
20-year-old Laylan plays on an all-female basketball team
at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani Her story is
such an important one when you consider the legacy of gender
inequality in that country.
-There's the longest struggle for a woman
to prove themselves.
My name is Laylan.
I'm 20 years old, and I'm a basketball player.
RACHEL DEMITA: It's great to see how sports can universally
bring so much joy to woman.
Brooke Raboutou has completed seven record-setting climbs
around the world, and she's only 11.
Brooke Is the true definition of a phenom.
Her strength and flexibility allow
her to maneuver in ways that the world's top climbers aren't
even able to.
-She's set all these precedents in rock
climbing that 10 years ago, the top elite climbers were
having trouble doing.
You're talking like 0.0001% of the climbing community that
can do these climbs.
-Sometimes when I reach a place where
I don't think I can go any farther,
it's always possible to do something.
I just have to, like, try it.
-Good effort.
STEVE ROBERTS: Hey, YouTube Nation.
My name is Steve Roberts from STR Skill School.
Football soccer has been a passion all my life--
from sleeping with my ball as a kid
and now making YouTube videos trying to show you insane
football skills.
But can you imagine what it be like to play football blind?
STEVE ROBERTS: This video was released the day
before the World Cup.
It features Didiu Costa who went blind after being
hit by a motorcycle at the age of eight.
He plays in the Brazilian blind soccer
league which has 40 local clubs.
This game was extra important as he had the Brazilian National
Soccer coach watching the game, scouting
for players for the Paralympics.
STEVE ROBERTS: How much game would you
have if you had to play blindfolded?
JACOB SOBOROFF: Growing up in California,
I was surrounded by skateboarding.
But for some young people growing up in Afghanistan,
it's a healthy distraction from their day-to-day lives.
Skateistan is a charity project started by Aussie skateboarder
Oliver Percovich.
He uses the sport as a means to empower kids--
especially girls since they aren't allowed to ride bikes,
but they can ride a skateboard.
-Skateistan's becoming a bit of a hub of female sporting
activity, which is very exciting.
There's nothing like watching a Afghan woman
roll down a ramp for the first time.
And she's achieved something that she never
thought she would.
JACOB SOBOROFF: The currently have skate schools
in Afghanistan and Cambodia.
And if you want to learn more, there's
a link in the description.
All of the inspiring athletes we covered
prove that sports aren't just about the thrill of victory.
They bring out something much greater in all of us.
We got playlists for you coming up.
And also be sure to subscribe to YouTube Nation
because we bring you great moments like these, Monday
to Saturday.
And we got more sports specials for you coming up too.
Let's hear a few words of inspiration from Aida
to play us out.
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6 Athletes Who Can't Be Stopped

2098 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on August 25, 2014
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