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  • Hey, guys! Hey, I'm finally here!

  • Let's get this party started!

  • Aw, man... It's Canon!

  • Who invited him?

  • Hey, Canon...

  • We just started without you... You're pretty late.

  • Look, baby. We all know it's not a party until Canon shows up, ok?

  • Now here, you wanna take a look at my huge sensor?

  • Let me just pop this lens off here...

  • -Please, no. No! -No!

  • Canon, oh! Keep it on your lens mount!

  • Please! It's not THAT impressive.

  • Sony's still a little bit bigger.

  • It sure is.

  • Mine's not...

  • Yeah, I know, I only have two lenses right now...

  • But, you know, for the time being

  • I can just borrow some hand-me-downs

  • from my big brother Canon...

  • -I can just kinda fit them in... -Yeah, yeah. That's great man.

  • Oh! Leica's here! Leica, what up, bro?

  • Hello, my friends!

  • Oh, my! I can see the outline of his full frame sensor through that huge lens!

  • Oh, guys, guys! Can you get a picture of me with Leica over here?

  • You're my inspiration.

  • I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

  • Yeah, yeah. Take a number!

  • Totally ridiculous!

  • Yeah, well, at least...

  • ...I can autofocus, LEICA!

  • Oh, please! It's called hyperfocal distance.

  • Read a book!

  • I...

  • I'm... a... Canon. You can't do this to me...

  • I'm a Canon...

  • Hey... Those guys don't understand me either.

  • You wanna hang out?

  • My cousin Q is over...

Hey, guys! Hey, I'm finally here!

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The Mirrorless Party

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    稲葉白兎 posted on 2014/08/25
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