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  • Who was it?

  • Who was what?

  • Who was that?

  • Oh, my grandmother.

  • Oh, okay. Well, I'll....

  • Good.

  • And you know... I'm sorry.

  • What for?

  • For your loss.

  • Why are you sorry? Did you kill her?

  • I'm just being polite, mate.

  • It's another worn out cliche.

  • You're not sorryyou didn't know my grandmother!

  • Why would you be sorry that she is dead?

  • It's a bastardization of the language.

  • You're right. I couldn't care less she's dead.

  • There. Now that doesn't have feel fresher? The clean air of honesty.

  • I'm glad she's dead.

  • - Why would you be glad? - I, I got carried away, it's...

  • You are indifferent.

  • You didn't know my grandmother.

  • You are indifferent to her life and death.

  • That is proper.

  • Sorry about saying I'm glad, not about her death.

  • About which you are...?

  • Indifferent?

  • Dick.

  • I can hear you.

  • Sorry, but not about your dead nan.

  • Look, can I ask you something? A serious question.

  • Quickly, please.

  • Why aren't you upset about your gran?

  • What makes you think I'm not upset?

  • Well, normally people are affected by a loss.

  • They show it in some way.

  • What about your nan?

  • She was an extraordinary woman, and her loss afire in my soul.

  • Tell your face.

  • Tell my face what?

  • Normally people... cry!

  • I can't afford to cry.

  • Look, I could break down now in front of you, rivers of tears, and fall into your arms, and then what?

  • Well, then you'd feel better.

  • I'm a great cuddle.

  • Look, I've got lovely big mom tits. Come on!

  • - Oh, God. - Come on!

  • But then all the emotion will be used up, wasted!

  • My grandmother would be buried, and I'd sit down to try and describe the pain, and there'd be nothing left!

  • You can't use everything that you go through in life for a... book!

  • Sometimes you've just got to... be!

  • I think my grandmother deserves more than a spontaneous howl of anguish.

  • She deserves a novella at least.

  • So, I shall push it down. I either cry, or I write.

  • Hmph. Well, doesn't sound very healthy to me.

Who was it?

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