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  • Mhm.

  • We always seem to end up back to basically us with something a little bit different.

  • Speak for example, did you always have a ball?

  • I think he always had a bit of a bowl.

  • Let a Nimoy's bowl.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Predator is a guy in a suit, spoke a guy with tears then of course we've got the archetypal alien.

  • In every case it's basically a humanoid body shape.

  • All of these seem to lack a bit of imagination.

  • To me looking at them from an evolutionary perspective.

  • Mhm.

  • It's gonna be some rules.

  • I think it's going to be carbon based microbes are going to be important.

  • We're gonna see natural selection and evolution.

  • If I could make one bet about alien life, it would be on that.

  • It would evolved.

  • And I don't think I would lose this bet.

  • All right, very great thickness of ice about 10 miles I think.

  • And underneath we've seemingly good evidence that there is liquid water.

  • I think it's all heated by these volcanic went she's looking a little bit similar to the sorts of things that we find in the deep ocean here on earth.

  • We know there's gonna be no sunlight getting down.

  • So, I mean, they're going to have to be chemo synthetic bacteria would maybe at some point start to form a symbiosis larger cells.

  • And then you would have maybe the beginnings of multi cell in your life because this is an unstable planet.

  • Any kind of life around these vents needs to have a mobile form has to be able to abandon ship and find new events to live on.

  • I mean, let's imagine we find something like this tadpole creature doesn't have eyes because they are dark down there.

  • But he does have some way of sensing heat.

  • Let's imagine this guy is actually the first more of a more complex organism maybe you would see in metamorphosis.

  • Ng is now turning into his real form a kind of chemo synthetic, large warm, he takes root actually.

  • So he's attaching just like the love of a sea squirt that we find here on Earth.

  • Yeah, he's mobile forms that can find new habitat and then start the whole thing all over again.

  • He's using his tentacles as gardens to cultivate these bacteria and to charge his metabolic when these problems.

  • In 15 years we might be proven right.

  • Something like this might be down there when trappist is orbiting its sun, it stays tightly locked, which means the same face is always facing the sun.

  • One side is getting absolutely baked and whilst the other side gets no light at all and is very cold And that line where sun meet Shane, This terminator as it's called, is the zone where life might just about be able to exist on traffic.

  • Like a long thin island of life.

  • One side is always sunny on one side is always dark so that would imply constant winds blowing one direction.

  • What pass off as trees could be like weather vanes can see this effect on Earth actually if you go to the edges of cliffs, you know, with that strong wind blowing, it's going to be quite difficult for these animals to make themselves heard.

  • I think the animals display maybe among the trees.

  • You see something red fluttering about like a kite, This kind of crazy bird like animal with a very long kind of snot.

  • And he uses it to hold onto the tree.

  • What he done does is open up his kate wings.

  • He's trying to attract a mate.

  • Yeah, he's trying to impress his potential girlfriend here.

  • Very colorful world.

  • Yeah, but a very focused and intense Well, so imagine a line of predators that always stalk from the direction of the sun.

  • Maybe he would have six limbs further down four, which gives you a huge advantage for hanging on, Anthony clambering around.

  • There's no reason at all why this animal couldn't have an extra joint, giving it a little bit more range of movement, more flexibility because with that lower gravity, it's not taking such a strain wrapped Auriol.

  • Yeah, exactly, grab and hold and it gives it a huge range.

  • Watch your back, Very high gravity is going to be a big issue.

  • Everything is kind of flattened out.

  • Maybe one form could be like this flattened slug creature, flatworms creature.

  • You could have a huge variety of these guys given that the plan, it's been around for two million years longer than the earth has.

  • Might we find the evolution of intelligent life because of the size constraints.

  • I think intelligent life would begin from a colonial perspective, just like a group of ants collaborating together.

  • If you were to see these guys, they would look like very intelligently guided swarm of little shapes moving across the floor and coming towards you.

  • Maybe they would form different shapes or letters trying to communicate the idea of all these subunits, these little individual things coming together and creating not just a colony, but something that's got intelligence and can travel across space really appeals to me.

  • Certainly the whole issue of contamination by alien bacteria.

  • I think it's the one thing we can't protect against.

  • It's what we saw in the history of recent history of humans as we've gone across through the world spreading things like smallpox.

  • So in a way that's a study, a miniature of what would happen.

  • Perhaps if an alien culture were to come here, we're going to need some sort of galactic quarantine or galactic hospitals.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • If you enjoyed that, be sure to check out these videos next.


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