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  • english vocabulary in the bathroom.

  • Now, in a house, we call this word a bathroom, but if you're out at a restaurant, you might call it the restroom.

  • This is called the toilet, but if you have little kids, there's a good chance that for some reason you call it the potty.

  • This here is the flusher also called the handle.

  • The toilet has a lid and a seat it in the shower.

  • We have a shower curtain, a curtain liner and a grab bar so you don't fall getting in and out of the shower.

  • This is called the curtain rod.

  • We have the showerhead, the shower faucet and the drain towel rack with a hand towel.

  • Do you notice I'm dropping the D.

  • In that word, It comes after an end before another continent.

  • Hand towel?

  • No.

  • D.

  • Here we have the sink faucet and the vanity Sheldon's another towel rack and a bath mat and a disgusting but essential tool for plunger.

  • As a bonus, I put in some fresh flowers in a vase.

  • Isn't that nice?

english vocabulary in the bathroom.

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BATHROOM VOCABULARY | Learn English Vocabulary

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/27
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