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  • Well look at it. here in the sunlight is differce from a Autoshow.

  • With those wheels and mirros, I think it looks stunning.

  • It really is something standing here, something you notice.

  • The CLA: a strange new concept:first the A-class changed, and now this.

  • This car has front wheeldrive, it is based on the A-class. No real competition out there yet.

  • So what kind of people will drive this? the ones who bought expensive BMW 1-series?

  • If can you can buy this instead, well I think it looks much cooler.

  • This is the CLA 200. Mercedes thinks it can compete with the A5 and 3-series coupe.

  • They don't think that is another class. But this is based on the A-class, a midsegment car.

  • But it does drive different. The suspension is not as hard as the A-class, which is a good thing.

  • Both with sport- and comfort chassis, the CLA is more comfortable than the compareble A-class.

  • That suits Mercedes much better. I like the way they did it.

  • This CLA remains very level in corners, but is very nice to drive on long distance.

  • That is what a Mercedes should be like. Serenity. The C- E- and SL-class: they have that.

  • On the inside, really good. No sacrifice here. Some people don;t like this screen here.

  • It doesn't bother me, but I can see their point.

  • But apart from that just very high level, great finishing. The SLS-touch everywhere.

  • Mercedes really keeps things up on this point.

  • Of course this is a nice version, look at these seats. I like those! So on the inside: wow again.

  • I do have some complaints about the engine: this 200 has a 1.6 turbo with 156 PS.

  • You can get speed into the car if you want, but the respons is just slugish.

  • And a car like this should respond with vigour.

  • In an E-class you have so much torque it is less relevant. But this car has s dynamic ambition.

  • Heel and toe is useless, just no respons with a short throttle hit.

  • That goes for all new 4 cilinders of Mercedes. Both petrol and dieselengines: not as good as the competion.

  • By the way, the CLA 200 is the minimum. Don't choose the CLA 180.

  • So a look in the back... well no Audi A3 Sportback.

  • Ok, not much here, but i can cope. Headroom not to much legroom just okay.

  • But a 3-series coupe doesn't offer more so...

  • But a big hatchback is better. But is does add something new in this segment.

  • Of course it isn't cheap, with some options, the price goes up ever more.

  • +good suspension, looks great --- Engines lack enthousiasm

Well look at it. here in the sunlight is differce from a Autoshow.

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