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  • AHHHHH!!!

  • Charles, Im sorry! Im Im so sorry

  • This society won't accept us.

  • We form our own.

  • the humans have played their hand,

  • Now we get ready to play ours.

  • Who's with me?

  • Hmm..

  • No actually not you... Nobody likes you.

  • I meant the team of winners over here.

  • We aren't going with you!

  • why not?

  • Because Charles has just been shot!

  • Can someone take me to a hospital? I think I may have been paralyzed.

  • Charles, this is important just wait a minute.

  • So that's a no? None of you want to come with me?

  • I'll go with you.

  • I mean I grew up with Charles and he's pretty much my only family, but yea

  • I'll abandon him right now as he lays shot in the sand.

  • Thanks, Raven.

  • Sweet.

  • Why is this even happening? We just went through all this trouble to defeat Shaw and now you

  • suddenly wanna be just like him.

  • Choose your side!

  • No!

  • Okay, Eric's right. We should all join him

  • Really?

  • Yep, come on. Everyone, lets go with Eric.

  • Thats great, we're gonna be such a good team! It's gonna be mutant power to the-- wait a

  • minute.. are you just saying that so that we can leave but you really aren't going to

  • join me at all?

  • Yes.

  • Come on man!!

  • Okay, only say you're with me if you really mean it. Ok?

  • No take backs. Because this is it, brothers and sisters.

  • It has to be today on this beach in Cuba with Russia and US waging war upon us with Charles

  • laying paralyzed in the sand. Ok?

  • Who's with me?

  • Or we could just not use our powers for evil!

  • Yea, people might even appreciate having us around

  • That will never happen. Stop talking crazy.

  • Magneto, you are wearing the helmet of the man who murdered your mother.

  • This helmet is fabulous, don't make fun of it!

  • Why couldn't you just kill Shaw when you were like 10 years old?

  • You don't know how hard it is to be me..

  • This is insane!

  • Enough!!

  • Charles, what's going on? What are you doing?

  • I've been shot, you selfish A-hole.

  • Well great, now how are we supposed to get home?

  • Oh Lord! The devil is dropping off people in the ER!

  • So now I'm in a wheelchair. Magneto and I are old friends that still play chess together

  • from time to time but we're also kind of mortal enemies.

  • Mortal frenemies?

  • And sometimes we play chess with real people's lives in the balance.

  • That doesn't seem like it would help your cause at all.

  • Well, take it up with this guy.

  • Mutants are the future.

  • We can live in peace!

  • No, we cannot!

  • Oh my gosh, we have been arguing about this for nearly 50 years!

  • Wow!

  • X-men are stubborn.

  • Tell me about it.

  • And Beast, mutant and proud!

  • You can transform into any person you like. I have blue hair all over my body!

  • What you say means nothing to me.

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  • No.

  • Ok.

  • Hey boys..

  • Hey... I'm Batman.

  • You wanna know my secret identity?

  • You're Bruce Wayne?

  • Dang, I forgot you read minds.

  • Your breath smells like coffee.


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