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  • Hello.

  • My name is Sarah.

  • Today I'm going to be teaching you about one of the most commonly used english proverbs.

  • You might have heard it before.

  • Let's take a look at the board when in Rome do as the romans do.

  • So what does this mean?

  • It's talking about when you go to another country, you have to adapt to that culture.

  • So when in Rome it's talking about ancient Italy, you don't really have to think about Italy.

  • When you use this proverb, you can be in any country, any city do as the romans do again.

  • It's talking about the local people, you can use this for anything.

  • So when do you use this?

  • When can you make use of this proverb?

  • For example, if you go to another country, you go for the first time you find it quite hard to adapt.

  • You encounter something new.

  • You might think to yourself and you might use this proverb.

  • For example, when I first came to Korea I felt quite confused.

  • I was staying with my friend for the first time and she was making me dinner.

  • I thought well that's strange.

  • She's not really getting up to do the dishes.

  • Why is that?

  • So I asked her, oh maybe when I'm in Korea and I go to a friend's house, should I do the dishes when they make me dinner?

  • She said maybe it's a good idea and I thought okay let me go and do the dishes.

  • So I was doing them and I was thinking to myself when in Rome do as the romans do now.

  • We've gone over the proverb.

  • The full sentence.

  • You might find that when you hear this daily speech used by locals, they might not say the full proverb.

  • For example, when you hear it, you might hear only one in Rome, but most people will know what the rest of it means and it sounds more natural.

  • So I have another example when I went to Japan a few weeks ago, I was staying again with a friend of mine, it was evening time and we were about to have a bath.

  • She got in first she finished and she came back out.

  • She asked me do you want to have a bath now?

  • I said yes, sure.

  • I went in and I was about to empty the bathwater because I thought well it's my turn.

  • Right.

  • So she stopped me and came in and said no Sarah in Japan, you're supposed to get in to save the water at that moment.

  • I thought, okay, that's a bit unusual.

  • I'm not used to that.

  • But when in Rome we're going to have a look at some example dialogues to help you to understand how to use this proverb better as you listen to these examples.

  • Please try to practice using it.

  • So you'll get a better feel for the proverb.

  • Let's begin.

  • Should we eat this food with our hands while everyone eats with their hands here.

  • When in Rome!

  • In Japan.

  • Should I bow?

  • When I meet people, yes, when in Rome, do as the romans do.

  • Nobody here is waiting in line.

  • Everyone is just pushing to the front.

  • Well one in Rome do as the Romans do.

  • And there you have a one of the most commonly used english proverbs.

  • I hope you'll find really good use for this one.

  • Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time.

  • Mhm.

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  • Thank you.

  • Mm hmm.


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When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do Learn English Proverbs Meanings and Examples

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