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  • Yeah.

  • From Covid ninja culture to scenic tea fields to outstanding hikes.

  • Central Japan has something for everyone with its wide variety of experiences and traditional culture.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm conveniently located between Tokyo and the east and Osaka and kyoto and the west.

  • Central Japan is a worthwhile addition to any Japan travel itinerary.

  • In this three episode series we're going on a six day trip familiarizing ourselves with ninjas and ceramics, getting an immersion experience to green tea and the local food culture, visiting some historic sites as well as hiking in the Japan alps.

  • My name is rena on reporting for Japan guide dot com.

  • And over the next six days I'm gonna take you off the beaten track in central Japan.

  • Mhm Yeah, yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Here's the plan.

  • On day one we start our trip at tuba Centra international Airport where we take the high speed boat and train too eager to learn about the ninja and stay overnight at the potter's house.

  • On day two we have a hands on pottery experience in the morning and after, take the train to Kagawa to spend the night in a tea farmers, traditional japanese style house wow.

  • Day one I'm I'm a tuba international airport and I'm going to take the high speed boat across the bay to do in mere prefecture.

  • The boat right is gonna take about 45 minutes From two we take trains to the city of Eger located in a small plane surrounded by mountains.

  • Iga city commonly referred to as Iga Rono is most famous for its ninja eager and the neighboring city of Coca in the north are well known for being the birthplace of ninja.

  • Much about ninja has been covered in pop culture.

  • But these covid spies and assassins who adept in combat subterfuge and natural sciences were extremely good at covering up the traces and left only scant records of the skills and lifestyles.

  • I visit the ninja museum of kangaroo in Iga Ueno and all in one facility where one can learn all about the Iga ninjas behind me is what looks like a regular farmhouse.

  • But is it really, let's go inside and take a look.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Hello nobody, nobody.

  • Uh huh.

  • Hi, there you go.

  • Mhm Oh yeah, yeah.

  • From the ninja house, the visiting route leads to two exhibition halls where displays of ninja tools in everyday life utensils can be seen.

  • One of the highlights not to be missed is the exciting ninja show performed by skilled ninja actors who do stunts and tricks using ninja weapons.

  • Mhm Yeah, yeah.

  • Before meals, Yeah, this is my chance to prove my ninja skills after all the ninja education would be Attackers.

  • B one.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Mhm.

  • After that really fun ninja experience in the ninja museum of Iga do.

  • It was time to move on to my accommodation for the night and approximately five minute ride on the ninja train brought me to Iga Ueno station from where it is a short walk to my accommodation, a renovated farmhouse.

  • Yeah, the beautifully renovated traditional home is managed by the Tanimoto a family of potters with an illustrious lineage in creating exactly which is ceramics made using local eager click.

  • The house is decorated with artwork by the family and their friends and guests can use ceramic dishes made by the Tanimoto family.

  • I'm at Sokcho on one of two lodgings owned by the Tanimoto family.

  • And as you can see, the family has impeccable taste and it feels like I'm staying in an art gallery.

  • Yeah, the accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen and I take the opportunity to make myself a simple dinner.

  • Then spend some time relaxing at my accommodation before turning in for the night.

  • Mm Day two Iga ceramics or Eagle Hockey is a traditional craft of Iga with around 400 years of history.

  • The local ceramics gained recognition during the early 17th century when Iga yaki ti balls, water jugs and flower vases were used in tea ceremonies Over time.

  • The variety of Iga Yaki grew to include dishes like plates, bowls and pots used in everyday life.

  • I could not be more fortunate to be able to have a look at the galleries and studios of the Tanimoto family and take a pottery class with them.

  • Yuko san is a ceramic artist with a background in textile art.

  • Her vibrant and bold works command attention and there is a sense of flow and movement in the large pieces of work after the visit to you.

  • Cosign studio.

  • it was time for my pottery lesson with her husband, Danny Moder.

  • Okay, characteristics of classical style Iga ceramics include handles or years and markings made by specialists used to smoothen the clay.

  • Modern ego ceramics however, do not contain these distinguishing marks but instead commonly sports the glassy green or matte black colors typical of Iga ceramics case in.

  • And I talk about his art philosophy while we make a simple plate together.

  • It was very interesting to learn from the artist himself.

  • Mm So I know I signed my name on the plate I make and this is the final product after that wonderful morning with a tiny motor family learning about hockey.

  • It was time to move on to my next destination.

  • I get back on the train and make my way to my accommodation in Kagawa.

  • The Kanagawa is one of the top tea growing regions in Japan and my accommodation for tonight is a traditional tea farmers house surrounded by T feels.

  • The charming 70 year old farmhouse retains a number of its original fixtures like the open roof rafters in some antique furnishings.

  • One unusual detail in the farmhouse is his middle bathtub known as Gorman Bureau which is traditionally heated by burning wood below the tub highlight of staying at the farmhouse was making a local Kagawa's specialty for dinner together.

  • I'm with my host Madison and we're gonna be making emoji which is a japanese yam soup using japanese yam and in this part we've got the miso soup base.

  • So for dinner I've got the bowl of soup which I made with my host earlier as well as a variety of local dishes and some of them printing T or T.

  • S.

  • Goodbye.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Yes.

  • And that was episode one of a six day trip through Central Japan.

  • Be sure to join us on episode two as we continue on the 3rd and 4th days of our trip immersing in green tea, enjoying the local food culture in Nagoya and visiting an open air museum.

  • For more information about this trip or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now.

  • Or head over to Japan guide dot com.

  • Your comprehensive up to date.

  • Travelguide firsthand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching.


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