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  • Let me guess

  • you're here to hate

  • well you can stand in the

  • autograph line and wait

  • 'cause I'm all tweak

  • I've got all day

  • to spit harsh words

  • in this French maid's face

  • you died a virgin girl

  • who you think you're messing with?

  • it's Miley Cyrus

  • I'm the hottest thing since Britney

  • bitch!

  • I'm getting lifted

  • on that molly

  • get that party turned up

  • you're getting lifted on a stake

  • get that body burned up

  • had enough?

  • it's my habit

  • when I grab the mic I milk it

  • you can say this rap

  • is like my alter ego

  • 'cause I killed it!

  • Lord,

  • forgive me for the words I speak

  • I know the voices of the angels

  • tell me "turn the other cheek"

  • but I'm about to rip Hannah Montana's

  • tongue out through her teeth

  • I am the flaming girl

  • call me Katniss Everdeen

  • when it comes to bad bitches

  • I'm the patron saint

  • but I only get down on my knees

  • when it's time to pray

  • I came to Frenchmen's aid

  • in their time of need

  • 'cause I'm the Maid of Orleans

  • you're the Mardi Gras beads, honey

  • my Father taught me things

  • your daddy couldn't teach you

  • your highest calling

  • was a text from Wiz Kalifa

  • you've got to die for something Miley

  • just picture your epitaph

  • "Had the world watching

  • chose to show them all her flat ass"

  • Sweet burn

  • no pun intended

  • you're a cross-dressing peasant

  • betrayed by those you defended

  • but when I come

  • under fire I can

  • #handleit

  • if God's in your corner

  • girl you need better management

  • Do not take

  • the Lord's name in vain

  • you ratchet skunk

  • your manager's riding you

  • to the achy breaky bank

  • be thankful for your talent

  • don't just rub it on your crotch

  • keep your party in the USA

  • "vive la France"

Let me guess

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[TRANSLATED] Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

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