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  • Amazing!

  • I mean, look at them!

  • In true British style, the rain came down for the X-Men premiere. Jennifer Lawrence

  • isn't in London, she's promoting the movie elsewhere, but we did a get a little bit of advice

  • from a certain cast member about how not to fall on a red carpet.

  • How not to fall over on a red carpet? Advice for who?

  • Jennifer Lawrence!

  • For Jen? She can fall down and make it look good all day.

  • X-Men Days of Future Past is the latest offering in the franchise where the characters enter

  • into an epic battle to change the past so they can save the future. James McAvoy has

  • admitted he and his co-stars played with BB guns in between scenes to keep boredom at

  • bay. So, come one then, how was JLaw with one of those bad boys?

  • Unflinching, clinical, wrathful and driven by revenge.

  • And who might win between you and Jennifer Lawrence then?

  • It's a tough one, it's a tough one.

  • Good answer. legendary Sir Ian McKellen stars as old Magneto and reckons there's something

  • pretty special about the X-Men.

  • Well, they probably like X-Men because it's about something. it's not just an adventure

  • story. It's not silly. It's not just about a wimp who turns into a superman by changing

  • his underwear. It's about how society treats minorities.

  • X-Men Days of Future Past is out in cinemas on the 22nd of May.


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