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I mean, look at them!
In true British style, the rain came down for the X-Men premiere. Jennifer Lawrence
isn't in London, she's promoting the movie elsewhere, but we did a get a little bit of advice
from a certain cast member about how not to fall on a red carpet.
How not to fall over on a red carpet? Advice for who?
Jennifer Lawrence!
For Jen? She can fall down and make it look good all day.
X-Men Days of Future Past is the latest offering in the franchise where the characters enter
into an epic battle to change the past so they can save the future. James McAvoy has
admitted he and his co-stars played with BB guns in between scenes to keep boredom at
bay. So, come one then, how was JLaw with one of those bad boys?
Unflinching, clinical, wrathful and driven by revenge.
And who might win between you and Jennifer Lawrence then?
It's a tough one, it's a tough one.
Good answer. legendary Sir Ian McKellen stars as old Magneto and reckons there's something
pretty special about the X-Men.
Well, they probably like X-Men because it's about something. it's not just an adventure
story. It's not silly. It's not just about a wimp who turns into a superman by changing
his underwear. It's about how society treats minorities.
X-Men Days of Future Past is out in cinemas on the 22nd of May.
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Jennifer Lawrence fall: James McAvoy's advice

1703 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on August 24, 2014
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