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  • sometimes my students come to me and they say teacher, I work so hardly my guys.

  • This is the last thing you want to tell your teacher.

  • I think it's time for me to let you.

  • The difference between hard and hartley, let's get to it.

  • Mm My name's Fannie.

  • And in this video I'm going to tell you about a difference between hard and hardly because so many of my students keep making this huge mistake, they use hardly as an adverb and this is incorrect.

  • Okay, so it's time to fix that mistake.

  • Let's look at some example sentences together.

  • Okay, so if I say I'm a quick runner or I run quickly, the meaning is the exact same.

  • There's no difference.

  • But in the first sentence, I use an adjective, I'm a quick runner and it describes a noun because, as you know, an adjective describes a noun.

  • In the second sentence, I run quickly, I go with an adverb that describes a verb.

  • Okay, Most of the time you can go from an adjective to an adverb by adding L.

  • Y.

  • So from quick we have the adverb quickly.

  • Same thing goes for the second sentence.

  • Well, the third, actually, she's a beautiful dancer.

  • She dances beautifully.

  • The meaning is the same.

  • But in the first sentence we use an adjective.

  • She's a beautiful dancer.

  • It describes, announced she dances beautifully.

  • That's an adverb beautifully.

  • We added L.

  • Y.

  • So when you say you're a hard worker, you might think that you can say you work hardly.

  • You add L y go from an adjective to an adverb.

  • Right, well, I'm sorry guys, but this doesn't work.

  • It's incorrect because hard is an exception.

  • Hard is an adjective and an adverb.

  • It's the same word.

  • So you will say you work hard, okay, you're a hard worker, you work hard.

  • Hard is an adverb as well.

  • Now the word hardly does exist in the english language.

  • The problem is that the meaning is completely different, hardly means almost not.

  • So actually when you say you hardly work or you work hardly it means you practically don't work.

  • You really don't work.

  • Okay, so you'll understand if you tell me I work hardly I'm going to get really angry.

  • Okay, so this is a huge mistake that you need to fix the adverb of the adjective, hard is hard and hardly means almost not.

  • So for example, I work hardly means I almost don't work and I work hard, means I work a lot.

  • I hope you understand the difference between hardly and hard.

  • It is a common mistake but you need to fix it.

  • Now if you want to be a good english speaker, thank you guys for watching my video.

  • I hope you liked it.

  • And if you did please show us your support, click like subscribe to the channel, put your comments below and share with your friends.

  • See you.

sometimes my students come to me and they say teacher, I work so hardly my guys.

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Hard vs Hardly Adverb Meaning, Difference, Grammar, with Example English Sentences

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/21
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