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  • Michael, hello.

  • Hello, man.

  • Very nice to meet you.

  • - Nice to meet you. - Congratulations on the film.

  • Can you tell me why Magneto is a more fun X-Man to play than some of the others?

  • Of the other X-Men? I dunno more fun, I just think there's- To be the sort-of counterpoint

  • to Charles Xavier. The whole concept between these two characters who both want the same

  • thing but have very different means to get there and to have two guys that are enemies

  • on one side but then best of friends, there's a complexity in that relationship that's very

  • real and adult. And it's fun to be able to fly-

  • Well his powers are cooler.

  • Yeah, to control magnetic field is pretty cool.

  • Now, when you're in a big famous ensemble like this, is the inner thesbian saying 'I'm

  • gonna act you guys off the screen.' Is there an element of competitiveness in you?

  • Absolutely. Once I put the cloak and the helmet on, you have to hold me back. I mean, you

  • know, it is quite theatrical these sorts of things because they're larger than life characters, obviously.

  • As James was saying before, they're almost like, in Greek mythology you have demi-gods.

  • In a way they're sort of that representation in the modern era. So it's quite theatrical.

  • Now, Hugh Jackman said that inbetween takes you danced to Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.'

  • That's right. Yeah, we did a lot of dancing on set. You know, it's sort of singing and

  • dancing and Hugh's a singing and dancing man. So, you know, you have long days where it

  • can be sort of tedious sometimes when you're filming, especially very technical stuff with

  • green screens. So anything to lighten the mood is always welcome.

  • And you're up against someone like Hugh when you're singing and dancing. You've had a lot

  • of variety in your career so far, do you look at his career and think,'Yeah, a musical.

  • That'd be a laugh. I'd be up for that.'

  • Sure, I'd like to do a musical. In fact, Steve McQueen and I have been talking about doing

  • a musical, so, hopefully that'll come to fruition.

  • I read that you're hardly ever at home. You're a guy who just likes to be constantly working

  • and enjoy the stimulus of being on a film set-

  • Don't believe anything you read, man. I mean, I have been working pretty consistently but

  • that's just because certain opportunities come along and they're just too good to let

  • them go by. So, I suppose for the last couple of years it's been fairly non-stop. I'll be

  • working on this film next called 'Trespasses Against Us' which is about a gypsy family

  • and that will be filmed in the UK.

  • - Can I also do a bit of Fassbender mythbusting? - Okay

  • Because I think one of the things people really like about you is you're quite an enigma.

  • Now this I read, but this is an interview with you and you said, and I just want to know

  • if this is true, because this was quite cool, that you were having a bottle of win with

  • a friend and it was from Argentina, and you liked it so much that you flew to Argentina.

  • That's true.

  • That very day you flew?

  • No, no, no. Not the very day. I can't remember how long it was. Whenever he job that I was

  • doing finished and he obviously has to finish his semester; he's a professor. But I think it

  • was maybe a month or so after. Whenever it was we were both free.

  • And any motorcycle trips lined up soon?

  • Hopefully. I don't know when, but I think maybe the next one will be South America.

Michael, hello.

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Michael Fassbender interview: Actor on X-Men, dancing on set and flying to Argentina to buy wine

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