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First of all, what are you most looking forward to fans seeing this time around?
Um, I'm excited... There's some surprise things during the credits that I think are going
to be exciting for fans to see about what's coming next. And then the movie itself is
you know an hour and a half of pure action and humour and just a great time.
If we could get our showbiz wand and gift you with a god like power, what would you like
to have?
Hmmm... Maybe invisibility.
Where would Natalie Portman go if she was invisible?
Oh, so many places. It would just be fun to observe with nobody knowing.
And as a human woman, how do you deal with being around Chris and Tom on set all the time?
Chris and Tom are both really, really lovely people. Both super talented and both easy
on the eyes, so it's quite a luxury to get to work with them.
This film is all about girl power for you. You're really getting stuff done. There's
a slapping.
Yeah well, I think Jane is a really great to character to have in this kind of movie
because she has her own focus, her own passion, her own seriousness about her career, but
also has time for romance and for humour and friendship, you know. You get to see all those
sides of her.
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Natalie Portman interview: Natalie talks about co-star Tom Hiddleston

1423 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on August 23, 2014
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