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There has been criticism that people are just doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for personal
attention. “What’s this now?” said the Kardashians.
Hey folks welcome to the New Show, I’m Ross Everett and time is a flat circle.
It’s Monday and while it might seem like we have no control over our lives, I assure
you: you’re right. Because no matter what we did this weekend, it all connects back
While it didn’t start over the weekend, the ALS ice bucket challenge might have peaked
over it. It’s a weird thing to think that a charity donation drive can “peak” but
people are now wondering if the challenge has lost its meaning. And while some people
like Bill Gates are donating big bucks to ALS as the challenge originally intended,
it seems like a lot of people are just wasting water to join in on the Internet fad. And
seeing as how California is in a drought that notion is upsetting a lot of people. There
are two sides to this coin. Yes, a lot of people are dumping buckets of ice water on
their heads and not donating but because of the challenge’s notoriety, a lot of influential
people have gotten involved who might not have otherwise, not to mention the sheer amount
of attention that is being called to ALS that’s worth way more than the ten dollars a person.
And it’s nice to see people like Bill Gates and Jack Black get wet and uncomfortable and
look like a shriveled up dicks.
Much like the shriveled up dicks that were found in a fifty two year old man’s apartment
in Croatia. The man is aptly nicknamed the “Penis Collector” that has even Superman
saying, I’ll let you handle this one Wonder Woman. Although, it would be a weird day to
haul evidence in the invisible jet.
The man was arrested after police found- and I quote “Jars and Jars of human penises
soaking in formaldehyde” which also wins our worst quote ever award! Sorry, quote “Kim
Kardashian to publish selfie book” maybe next time, but still hopefully not.
It’s unclear how exactly the man got his hands on so many human penises but it’s
believed that they were cut off from the dead bodies of hospital patients.
It’s clear this man’s talent of dick removal is needed down in Ferguson where the ever
growing issue of Police brutality has become the spotlight this weekend. While the National
Guard has been called in to handle this situation, Journalists have been threatened by Ferguson
police to prevent them from covering the story with some officers even threatening to shell
people they’re agitated by. Some people will do anything to cover a story to provide
information so comedians like me and SourceFed can create this type of content that goes
on to become STREAMY nominated!
Oh yeah, the Streamy nominations were announced and SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd were both
nominated which is just tops. There’s a bunch of new Streamy categories this year
expanding to Vine and even pranks which are including, but not limited to dumping water
on your friends head much like someone would do for a charitable cause like ALS. BADABING
BADA-BOOM Full- freaking-circle! We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. It’s serendipity,
it’s synchronicity, its perfect. The world is our oyster and everything is going according
to plan. So relax, baby, and let the life wash over you. Man it’s good to be alive.
You guys, what’s been your favorite ice bucket challenge so far? Let me know and you
can even leave a link to it in the comments below. And don’t forget to donate if you’re
doing the challenge. Other things you shouldn’t forget to do: like and share this video, subscribe
to the channel and if you want to see a little Q&A with Will Haynes from Streamy nominated
SourceFed you can click this annotation or the link in the video description below. Also,
we’re so close to meeting our goal of $1000 on our charity drive in memory of Robin Williams
so if you can donate even $5 to this cause, the link is in the description below. I’m
Ross Everett. And I’m sopping wet for charity.
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Is The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Working?

2748 Folder Collection
Brandon published on August 22, 2014
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