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  • Here's a question.

  • Are all laws written down?

  • Are they written in stone?

  • Well, when it comes to International Law, some are, but many aren't.

  • Let's start with the easy one.

  • The written laws are usually what we call "treaties".

  • These are documents that countries sign ⏤ a bit like a contract.

  • We also call them things like "conventions" or "protocols", like the Geneva Convention or the Kyoto Protocol.

  • But what about the rules that aren't written down?

  • Well, you know the term "unwritten rule"?

  • We might say there's an unwritten rule that you should say "sorry" if you bump into someone or give up your seat for an elderly person.

  • Countries also follow unwritten rules.

  • We call them "customs" or "norms", and they give us the legal term "customary law".

  • This covers things that most countries already believe, like not invading another country.

  • All states in the international community have to stick to customary law, even if they haven't explicitly said "yes".

  • And many customs do eventually get written down, such as those in the UN Charters.

Here's a question.

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