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  • You may find this hard to believe, but long ago, nobody knew about Christmas.

  • It started with a boy called Nikolas and a summons from a king.

  • I'm asking you to go to the very edges of our kingdom and bring back a spark of magic to give us hope.

  • I'm going to Elfhelm to find the elves, Miika, to bring some new hopes to the world.

  • Such a fool.

  • Everyone knows there is no such thing as elves!

  • - You ready, old friend? - Born ready.

  • You can talk.

  • And I can fly as well.

  • No, just kidding, no mice can fly; that would be absurd.

  • It's a dangerous journey to Elfhelm.

  • Under the moon, past the sleeping giants, up the pointy mountain.

  • We'll get there. I know we will.

  • - Nikolas! - Hold on, Miika!

  • He's a human; will he eat us?

  • Where am I? There's nothing here.

  • To see something, you must believe in it.

  • Really believe.

  • Elfhelm!

  • It's incredible.

  • I'm gonna be honest, kid, I did not see this one working out for us.

  • - What is this? - This is a Christmas party.

  • It's Cake City!

  • No idea what this Christmas thing is, but...

  • I love it.

  • - Who is that? - I'm Nikolas.

  • No humans can ever be brought in.

  • Do not let him escape!

  • Now we're doomed.

  • The king asked for hope.

  • Could you make more? Lots more.

  • - And we haven't much time. - And I haven't much cheese.

  • Come onBlitzen, there's magic in you!

  • Magic is real!

  • Nikolas showed the world anything can happen.

  • It's just one day a year.

  • What shall we call it?

  • Nikolas and Miika-the-Talking-Mouse Day.

  • Any other ideas?

You may find this hard to believe, but long ago, nobody knew about Christmas.

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A Boy Called Christmas | Official Trailer | Netflix

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