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  • Right, peasants, listen up, please.

  • Ugh, [beep]!

  • Okay.

  • It's Christmas, and I have decided to spread some Christmas cheer to the lovely customers of Playtech.

  • Which means, for the rest of the month, you lucky employees will be wearing these.

  • Rowan, there is no way I am wearing that.

  • Did I make it sound like you had an option?

  • But what if we don't want to wear elf costumes?

  • Aw... well, then you'll be getting massive pay-cuts. Aw...

  • You literally can't make us do that.

  • I can literally do whatever I want, so put the costumes on, please.

  • - No, I don't want to. - No...

  • Put the costumes on now!

  • Finally. Some respect.

  • This is so degrading.

  • And to make things even more cherry, let's give the customers what they really want.

  • 5 popular Christmas songs, on repeat, every 15 minutes.

  • Back to work please.

  • How about we just get back to work and try and forget about this?

  • Adam. Do you really think we can just forget about this?

  • I'm gonna snap and murder someone.

  • Gonna have to try.

  • Nope! Can't take it anymore.

  • I'll [beep]-ing kill you.

  • It's not worth it, man, it's not worth it.

  • Hey, guy, thanks very much for watching.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  • - We'll see you in 2021. - Yup!

  • Now, be sure to subscribe; I... I hear if you subscribe, Santa will bring you just... whatever you want.

  • - Especially if you tick the bell. - Yeah.

  • Mm. Definitely, if you tick the bell, yeah.

  • We've spoken to him; it's a deal.

Right, peasants, listen up, please.

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