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  • We are all natural born learners.

  • Full of determination, we take unimaginable risks.

  • Exploding with curiosity, we  achieve the extraordinary.

  • But as we grow up our love for  learning is put to the test.

  • Some are told that they are not good enough.

  • Or are given up on

  • While a few strive, many begin to  see their natural curiosity fade away

  • or begin associating learning with anxiety.

  • Children can't do much about that, but adults can.

  • We can educate ourselves and change the experience  that kids have in our homes and classrooms.

  • That is why we have built  a school for little people  

  • and share everything we learn along the way.

  • That's why we make videos that explain complex  

  • social, psychological and pedagogical ideas  to new parents, students and teachers.

  • And that is why we publish all our  materials via the creative commons license  

  • and allow anyone to freely use them  for all sorts of educational purposes.

  • Today one million people have  subscribed to our channel,

  • over 50 million people have watched our videos

  • and our channel is sprouting  up in several major languages.

  • Your views, your likes and your meaningful  comments are what keeps us going.

  • And we want to thank every single  one of you who helped us get here!

  • On our website, you'll find  all videos for download,  

  • plus additional resources  and classroom activities.

  • If you want to support us, join  our community and become a Patron  

  • and help us change education, one mind  at a time! That's

We are all natural born learners.

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1 Million Subscribers - Thank You!!!

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    Summer posted on 2021/11/07
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