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  • Everyone knows the kinds of students  you can find in every classroom,  

  • but have you ever wondered what  stationery they keep in their backpacks?  

  • We picked 5 types of students and the  school supplies we think they'd use.  

  • Quick disclaimer: we know we're playing into stereotypes, so you might fit into more than one of these or none at all!

  • Like and comment to let us know which one you identify with the most. Let's get started.

  • Book lovers enjoy literature and probably dabble  in the dark or light academia aesthetic.

  • If it looks like it would belong at a historic university, it'll fit perfectly in with these students backpacks.

  • You can expect to find gel pens like these Vintage Color  Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pens on their desk.  

  • They also have plenty of vintage-inspired  Tsubame Fools Notebooks for note taking.  

  • Book lovers keep loose papers organized  with C. Ching Stationery Clips  

  • and mark textbooks with Book Darts Bookmarks.  

  • Studygram students value color-coordinated  notes, organization, and aesthetics above all else.

  • Ya gotta study anyway, so why not make it look pretty?

  • To store all of their pens, they use a cute and spacious pen case like the Raymay Clam Pen Case.

  • Not only do they own Zebra Mildliners in all colors and versions,

  • they know which gel pens work best with them, like the Zebra Sarasa Mark On.

  • They also have every Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen imaginable!

  • By the way, we think these are actually the same refills as that other super popular minimalist gel pen. Try it out and see for yourself.

  • To nail down the neat study aesthetic, they use  colorful Kokuyo Campus Notebooks, which help keep  

  • their notes tidy with dotted rule pages.

  • Doodlers need space to express their ideas and process information visually, so their notes are usually a mystery to everyone except themselves.

  • You'll find Uni Hi-Uni Pencils

  • Pilot Color Eno Pencils

  • and Uni Pin Pens of varying sizes in their pen cases!

  • A fun Blue Q Zipper Pouch is the perfect size  for hauling around school and art supplies.  

  • It's made of 95% post-consumer recycled  material that's sturdy and easy to clean.  

  • When it comes to notebooks, they reach for  an Apica Blank Cover Twin Ring Notebook:  

  • the empty cover is the perfect open  canvas to doodle on or decorate!  

  • The math whiz excels atyou guessed itmath.  

  • They're always ready for a problem set with  their Pilot Board Master Whiteboard Markers  

  • and Raymay Study Mate Zero Edge Ruler Set.  

  • These students love Pentel Orenz  Mechanical Pencils because of their precise  

  • 0.2 millimeter tips, which are great for  drawing graphs and writing down equations.  

  • On the same note, they use Tombow Mono Zero  Retractable Erasers for careful erasing.  

  • These students swear by Maruman Spiral Note  Basic Notebooks for their perforated pages,  

  • which are easy to tear out when turning in assignments.

  • Overachievers usually have a ton on their plates.

  • They're taking advanced classes, doing  extra credit, and balancing multiple  

  • extracurriculars. They don't have the  time to sift through a mess of stationery,  

  • so all of their supplies maximize efficiencyThe tried-and-true Uni Jetstream 4&1 Multi Pen  

  • comes with 4 ink colors for easy color-coding plus  a mechanical pencil for math homework. To combat  

  • mistakes, the Tombow Mono 2way Correction  Tape + Eraser has everything they need.  

  • Unlike the Studygram student, the Overachiever  only highlights as much as they need.

  • Though to be fair, studygram notes do look more colorful and pretty.

  • They only own two or three vivid Pentel Fitline Double-Sided  Highlighters: they're conveniently double-sided,  

  • with a flexible, precise chisel tip on one  end and a fine bullet tip on the other.

  • To stay on top of all their assignments and plans, they use Kokuyo  Campus Study Planner Paper.

  • Because the sheets fit in Kokuyo Campus Binders, students can keep their planner and notes all in one place.

  • Which one of these students  describes you best? Let us know  

  • in the comments! You can find all these supplies  and more at If you want to see  

  • more Stationery Personality Type videos like  this, remember to like and subscribe!

Everyone knows the kinds of students  you can find in every classroom,  

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? 5 Types of Students AND the School Supplies They Use ✏️?

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