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  • How Do We Launch Things into Space?

  • You've probably seen beautiful photos of Earth and other planets in our solar system.

  • Those photos were often captured by spacecraftrobotic explorers doing their work far

  • away from Earth.

  • But how exactly do we send these spacecraft so far away?

  • Well, it all starts with a rocket.

  • A really, really big one.

  • Why rockets?

  • A spacecraftand basically everything else on Earthis held down by Earth's

  • gravity.

  • However, a rocket burns fuelcalled propellantto push away from Earth and against gravity.

  • This creates a force called thrust.

  • A rocket needs enough fueland thrustto speed up to at least 17,800 miles per

  • hour.

  • That's how fast you have to get going to fly above most of Earth's atmosphere and

  • stay in orbit.

  • Next, the rocket will release the spacecraft.

  • But when that happens depends on where you're going.

  • A spacecraft that orbits Earth is sometimes called a satellite.

  • A satellite is released from a rocket at a specific distance from Earth.

  • There, it keeps going around Earth in a circular pathan orbit.

  • This happens because there is a balance between the energy the satellite picked up from the

  • rocketcalled momentumand the pull of Earth's gravity.

  • The balance of these two forces can keep a satellite in orbit for many years!

  • But what happens if you want to go farther than Earth?

  • If you're trying to get to another planet, you'll need a fast rocket to overcome Earth's

  • gravity.

  • And you'll still need to release the spacecraft from the rocket.

  • But you'll also need to figure out the best time to leave Earth to get to that planet.

  • Take Mars, for example.

  • Every two years or so, Mars and Earth are closest together.

  • This is the best time to go to Mars, since it will require the least amount of fuel and

  • time to get there.

  • And if you want to explore even farther planets like Saturn,

  • plan carefully!

  • For example, will your spacecraft want to encounter Mars or Jupiter on its way to Saturn?

  • But don't worry, all the planning is worth it when you end up with a view like this one.

  • Find out more about our solar system at NASA Space Place.

How Do We Launch Things into Space?

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