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  • Fun versus funny.

  • This is a very common mistake I hear with people that are trying to learn English.

  • I've heard people say, "I'm having a funny time learning English."

  • Whereas it should be, "I'm having a fun time learning English."

  • So I just wanted to help you guys out, make a videofun versus funnysharing some differences as well as some examples.

  • So, with the word "fun", it's a noun, and it means "enjoyable".

  • I had a fun time at the beach.

  • I had an enjoyable time at the beach.

  • Or you could say, "We had so much fun at the movies."

  • Yeah, we had an enjoyable time at the movies.

  • I think where the confusion can come in is, with spoken English, fun can also be an adjective.

  • It's very common for me to say to my friend, or to my sonhe's going to play withfriend, "Okay, bye! Have a fun time with your friend."

  • In this case, fun time, fun is an adjective.

  • So, the word "funny" is always used as an adjectiveand I'll give you some examples.

  • It means "amusing"; think of laughter, "That was so funny!"

  • The book I'm reading is really funny.

  • Or, "My dad is a very funny person."

  • So, we're describing the object, the book, or we're describing the person, my dad, saying funny.

  • So, when you hear the word "fun", when you want to use it, think in your mind, "Could I substitute this with 'enjoyable'?"

  • If you can, you're probably using it correctly.

  • And then with the word "funny", think laughter, ha, ha, ha, like, are you able to laugh when you're using the word "funny" or substitute it with almost laughter?

  • And if you are, you're probably using it correctly.

  • So a couple more examples, just to help you guys out.

  • It would be fun to go to Hawaii.

  • The campfire last night was so fun.

  • Oh, another interesting thing we say in English, "He was making fun of me," which means, "He was teasing me."

  • She was making fun of me.

  • But it can be used in, like, a non-offensive way as well, like, he's... "Are you making fun of me right now?"

  • Kind of like in a fun... fun, teasing way.

  • And then funny... So... the TV series "Friends" is so funny; it makes me laugh all the time.

  • My husband told me a really funny joke last night.

  • Oh, actually, yesterday, I was on a language call in Portuguese, and I said, "(speaks Portuguese)."

  • And I realizedactually, I didn't realize, my language partner was like, "Wait, what?"

  • I had said⏤I wanted to say, like, "I charged my headphone," and instead I said, like, the word "caguei", which in the past tense in Portuguese, I believe, is "I pooped".

  • And, so, it was really funny; we laughedlot.

  • Um... language learning is... it's funny!

  • And it's fun!

  • I hope this video helped you guys out. Don't forget to subscribe to my channelshare this with your friends; I will see you guys soon. Ciao, ciao.

Fun versus funny.

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FUN vs FUNNY with Examples - Learning English is fun

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