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  • I want to get this just right. Okay.

  • [clearing throat]

  • [sniffing]

  • Dude, 11 o'clock, totally hot babe checking you out.

  • That was really good.

  • Think I'm ready for my penis now.

  • I know what you're thinking. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's.

  • [laughing]

  • I'm Gail.

  • Chandler.

  • I...I, I really have to be somewhere

  • but it was nice meeting you.

  • What? Wha..

  • Oh, this is excellent. You know, he could have got me a VCR.

  • He could have got me a set of golf clubs

  • but no, he has to get me the woman repeller.

  • The eyesore from the Liberace House of Crap!

  • - It's not that bad. - Oh, yeah, easy for you to say.

  • You don't have to walk around sporting some reject

  • from the Mr. T collection.

  • Chandler...Chandler.

  • "I pity the fool that puts on my jewelry!

  • "I do! I do!

  • I pity the fool that.."

  • Hi.

  • Hey, man, we were just doing

  • some, uh, impressions over here.

  • Do your Marcel Marceau.

  • That's actually good.

  • [instrumental music]

  • Hey, man. Look, it's my best bud.

  • How you doing?

  • Wow, you are really getting good

  • at that Marcel Marceau thing.

  • Hey, listen, what do you say, uh, we play some ball?

  • You and me, huh. What do you say?

  • Okay, that's my bad.

  • If you hated the bracelet so much, Chandler

  • you should've just said so.

  • Well, doesn't the fact that I wore the bracelet

  • even though I hated it say something

  • about our friendship and how much it means to me?

  • What about the fact that you insulted the bracelet

  • and you made fun of me?

  • Okay, well, that's the part where I'm a wank.

  • But I was hoping we wouldn't focus on that.

  • Hey, come on, man, I said I was sorry like a hundred times.

  • I promise, I will never take it off my..

  • ...wrist.

  • But if you-if you want to stay in there and be mad

  • you know, you just, uh, you stay in there.

  • You know what..

  • I am here on my knees..

  • ...holding up these couch cushions..

  • a symbol of my sorrow and regret..

  • ...much like they did in biblical times.

  • Though you may haveth anger now...

I want to get this just right. Okay.

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Friends: Chandler Hates Joey's Gift (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

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