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  • Wow!

  • Hello!

  • Hi!

  • Olaf, not yet!

  • Anna's right. Our surprise holiday party doesn't start until after the Yule bell rings.

  • Sorry, the suspense is tearing me apart.

  • Thank you!

  • I'm excited, too, Olaf; this is Arendelle's first Christmas in forever.

  • The first of many to come.

  • Elsa, look! They're arriving!

  • Look at everyone that'll realize...♪ - What?

  • ♪... we planned a party as a big surprise.♪

  • Soon the ballroom will echo with sounds of cheer, ♪

  • As we ring in the season this year. ♪

  • This is overdue, gotta look our best. ♪

  • Ooh! I've never been so nicely dressed

  • We'll be hosting and toasting the whole night through, ♪

  • As we ring in the season with you. ♪

  • It's the first Christmas in forever...♪

  • ♪... Since we opened up the gate. ♪

  • And it's the first Christmas I remember to date, ♪

  • And it's already worth the wait. ♪

  • Let the holidays begin!

  • Do we have any traditions, Elsa?

  • I'm sorry, Anna, it's my fault we don't have a family tradition.

  • Sven!

  • We'll go and find the best tradition Anna and Elsa have ever seen!

  • Are you with me?

  • Ow!

  • We're going door to door, looking for family traditions.

  • We make candy canes together.

  • Ooh!

  • Sugar rush!

  • You cut down a tree, and then you dress its corpse with candles.

  • I... love it!

  • Breaking and entering...

  • ... okay on Christmas!

  • Ooh, look, another reindeer!

  • Hi!

  • Wow, we're making really good time!

  • As we near together... ♪

  • ♪ ... it's a holiday... ♪ - Let's go find their tradition!

  • And we're near together, then the season's... ♪

  • Nothing like taking your clothes off once in a while, you know what I mean?

  • The fruitcake!

  • - Whoa, gross! - That went right through me.

  • And when we're together... ♪

  • ♪ ... it's my favorite time of year. ♪


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Frozen - Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Ring In the Season | official FIRST LOOK clip & trailer

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