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  • [Big O] I'm givin'you poverty. I'm givin'you the slums.

  • That's where I'm from. So I put it all in the music.

  • I'm lookin' for Wink Harris. Who?

  • He's supposed to be here with Roy Darucher.

  • Oh, I think they're all down in Studio "B."

  • All right. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

  • [Big O] I did anything for free... anything for the exposure.

  • [D.J.] No doubt. Big "O,"big ups and congratulations, playboy player.

  • You finally got your record on the radio. How does it make you feel, man?

  • Oh, man, that's much love. I want to thank you and WJ LB, man...

  • for lookin'out for me like that, dawg, so much love.

  • I'm tryin'to put Detroit... the east side, for sure... on the map.

  • Know what I'm sayin'? And we gonna do it for real.

  • We'll get a pipeline to come through here, and the industry'll look at us...

  • and they'll sign all of us, man, we'll all be eatin'.

  • [Big O] Whoa, whoa...

  • Wait, wait, wait... [Screams] Jimmy!

  • Stop it! Stop it!

  • I've seen you flippin' burgers, baby, I know I have!

  • [Chuckles] Yeah, I did that, man.

  • I thought I recognized your face, baby.

  • [Alex, Screaming] Stop it! Fuckin' stop it! Please! Please stop.

  • Stop it. Jimmy, stop it! [Grunting, Groaning]

  • - Jimmy... - How long you been in the game, baby?

  • - Aw, man, fifteen years. - [Grunting, Punch Landing]

  • [Announcer, Rapper's Voices In Distance]

  • It's an honor for mejust to come on WJLB and have you doin'this for me.

  • I really appreciate it. [D.J.] No problem, baby.

  • You know, wejust here to represent the "D."

  • You know, and take care of our artists and take care ofhome.

  • And I hope you have a successful career, 'cause I know you puttin'it down.

  • You represent real hard for the 3-1-3.

  • For sure, man, I'm doin' it. I'm doin' it for y'all, man.

  • This is for Detroit. 3-1-3, baby. Love.

[Big O] I'm givin'you poverty. I'm givin'you the slums.

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