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  • hello everyone

  • today we're visiting popular anime  locations in tokyo to learn more about japanese  anime subculture

  • come with us

  • otome road is an  otaku girls haven

  • and it is one of the best places to discover more about japan's anime subculture

  • this place is filled with manga stores

  • anime merchandise stores

  • anime cafes

  • and everything  you can imagine

  • compared to akihabara

  • which is tokyo's most popular anime location

  • ikebukuro's  OTOME road takes a bit of a different approach

  • often times manga stores with its varieties  merchandise that appeases to a wide variety  of otaku girls

  • are in the underground stores

  • not always easily noticeable

  • although the majority of customers are girls

  • the content  here is not only limited to female clientele

  • this is where female anime fans get to find  light novels dedicated to their anime crush  

  • this place is especially important for the DOJINSHI fans of boy's love genre

  • these stories focus on the romance of popular anime male leads

  • for example a story about naruto and sasuke, romantically involved with each other

  • there  is literally no end to these kinds of stories

  • and you can spend all day looking for your  favorite character's alternative story

  • it is also a place where most cosplay events  happen in tokyo

  • apart from that you might also be lucky to find fan fiction stories

  • and  merchandise of characters from popular otome games

  • Otome games are story based videos where the  main goal is to develop a romantic relationship  

  • with one of the characters

  • as this isvery non-mainstream type of entertainment,

  • there are not many places where you  can find the otome game merchandise

  • that is why otome road is so important for  female anime fans

  • it rose to fame thanks to its high concentration of boy love genre comics

  • and  non-typical anime content

  • before that ikebukuro was just another anime center in tokyo like akihabara and nakano

  • but with the rise of Dojinshi, otome road gained a new level of importance  for female anime fans

  • who come here to look for new materials merchandise of their favorite  character or a new costume for a cosplay event

  • Ene from taiwan is an anime fan  and a rich anime culture of ikebukuro  

  • was one of the reasons why  she decided to move here

  • In high school I would watch Prince of Tennis.

  • The reason why everyone liked it was because the main character is super handsome,

  • especially when he plays tennis.

  • At that time everyone in my class would was talking about which character was their boyfriend

  • and which one was their husband.

  • Since then I have always liked Japanese anime.

  • I used to come to Japan a lot and visited anime places like Akihabara or Tokyo Station

  • or Ikebukuro search for merchandise

  • Why is Otome road important for female anime fans?

  • The great thing about Otome is that it is not too big, it is just a one street but you can find everything you want there.

  • If you want to go to a cafe house you can find it there easily,

  • if you want to find cosplay stores, it is also there,

  • and there are also many anime products well liked by male and female anime fans.

  • The most Important is that BL is a huge thing there!

  • But if you want cuter anime stuff you can also go to the Sunshine city right next to it.

  • There you can find regular anime content like ONE PIECE, Pokémon or hello kitty.

  • and why would you recommend otomer  to the travelers that visit japan

  • I recommend this place because you can also find second hand anime goods here.

  • Stuff that you might not be able to find elsewhere and it is also cheaper!

  • There are so many things to see.

  • That's also why I moved to Ikebukuro.

  • if you would prefer more family-friendly anime content

  • you might stop by sunshine city right next to the OTOME road

  • where you get to enjoy  standard anime content like one piece or pokemon

  • we decided to visit Pochama Sweets in Sunshine City

  • and try their variety of pokemon inspired desserts

  • interesting thing about this cafe is that you  you're not allowed to eat inside

  • the interior was solely designed for you to take pictures with  your cute desserts

  • and eat your dessert outside

  • ice cream

  • good?

  • i have to eat the egg first

  • yes

  • very delicious

  • and which place would you visit in ikebukuro?

hello everyone

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Anime in Ikebukuro: Paradise for otaku girls

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