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  • You know your mom's gettin' evicted?

  • Says right here.

  • "Tenant must vacate the premises...

  • due to non-payment of rent."

  • You know about this? [Stephanie] Morning.

  • Sweetie, you want some cereal?

  • I was just talkin'to your precious son about this eviction situation.

  • You plan on tellin' me about this, huh?

  • Oh, honey, th-that was just a mistake.

  • You're a fuckin' liar. Hey, man!

  • No, no. Stay out of this, Rabbit.

  • It's okay, don't worry. I'm takin' care of...

  • - Don't! - [Screams]

  • Fuck, man! What the fuck is your problem?

  • You don't touch my mother, man. Just stay out of it. Stay out of it.

  • I'm out of here. Can't go out with someone like you.

  • Are you gonna let him just talk to you like this?

  • - With two homeless kids. - [Roaring, Screaming]

  • Rabbit! Jimmy, no! No!

  • Rabbit! Jimmy! Jimmy, please!

  • [Grunts] Stop it!

  • Stop it! Stop!

  • - Fuck you! - [Lily Crying]

  • - Rabbit! Don't! - [Groans] - Fuck you!

  • Stop it! Stop it, Rabbit.

  • [Grunting, Groaning]

  • [Crying]

  • [Rabbit] Oh, my God. Lily. Come here, baby.

  • Come here.

  • It's okay.

  • Come here, baby. Come here.

  • It's okay.

  • It's okay. [Sighing]

  • It's over. It's over, baby.

You know your mom's gettin' evicted?

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8 Mile (7/10) Movie CLIP - Greg's Outta Here (2002) HD

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