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  • With strong self-discipline  and willpower, you can do  

  • what you need to do in each moment without  temptation or laziness getting in the way.

  • There are three simple steps to cultivate  and develop your self-discipline.

  • First, start small. Jumping in with ambitious  and lofty goals is only setting yourself up  

  • for failure. Break it down into smaller  parts, celebrate the small victories,  

  • and use them to build momentum and  confidence to continue moving forward.

  • Second, practice self-discipline daily to  build good habits. Consistency is key here.

  • And third, after you have mastered the  smaller tasks and built your confidence,  

  • slowly ramp it up.

  • To make these steps easier:

  • Plan ahead and put yourself in situations  that make it easier to achieve your  

  • goals and stick to your habits. Make your  environment work with you, not against you.

  • Incentivize yourself with rewards and discourage  undesirable behavior with consequences. I  

  • personally love dark chocolate, so I reward myself  for going to the gym by having some post-workout.

  • Grow to love the process. Everything you do in  life will have things you like and things that you  

  • don't. Take pride in your work and let the skills  and mastery that you achieve be their own reward.

With strong self-discipline  and willpower, you can do  

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Master Self Discipline in 60 Seconds #SHORTS

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