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  • Let the holidays begin!

  • Okay, now!

  • Surprise!

  • Uh oh.

  • Wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on.

  • Going so soon?

  • The yule bell rang; I must get home for my family's tradition, rolling the Lefse.

  • - Um... - Ours is putting out porridge for the Tomte.

  • - Well... - We're baking traditional bordstabelbakkels.

  • And I'm gonna filet the krumsakringlekakke.

  • That's a thing, right?

  • Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen!

  • You're welcome to join us in the castle if you'd like.

  • Thank you, Your Majesty, but Olga and I should be getting home to knit socks for our grandchildren.

  • It's our tradition.

  • Yes, and we wouldn't want to intrude on your family traditions.

  • Oh, so the the surprise is everyone left.

  • Hey, I say it's their loss.

  • Who needs a big party, anyway?

  • - Kristoff? - I've got just the thing to cheer you up.

  • My favorite traditional troll tradition.

  • - Care to join in? - Uh, yeah!

  • Okay, it starts with a gathering song.

  • The Ballad of Flemmingrad.

  • I love ballads!

  • Every December we all gather round to pay our respects to a troll so renowned

  • In remembrance of the friend we had, a jolly old soul we called Flemmingrad

  • - Tempo! ♪ We all dig deep down and we uproot the past, we shove up its nostrils a fist full of grass

  • Nostrils?

  • We shape his likeness, bless his soul

  • Whoa, gross!

  • Oh, Flemmy the fungus troll

  • Now you lick his forehead and make a wish!

  • Who's next?

  • Elsa, you're up!

  • Come on!

  • Tastes like lichen.

  • You're a princess; you don't have to settle.

  • Okay, not so much a royal activity, I get it.

Let the holidays begin!

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What's Kristoff's Favorite Troll Tradition? | Frozen

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    Julianne Sung posted on 2021/10/27
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