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Unit 13 A Funny Chat in the Pub
Tell me, Sam. Are you still obsessed with grammar?
Yes, I now have a new theory about English verbs.
Oh, really? What's that?
For me, verbs have different levels of importance.
You mean between regular, irregular and auxiliary verbs?
Yes. The regular verbs are ordinary like to rain - rained - rained
to wait - waited - waited, to phone - phoned - phoned.
Ordinary verbs? And what about the irregulars? Aren't they ordinary?
No, the irregulars are important day to day verbs: to eat - ate - eaten
to drink - drank - drunk, to write - wrote - written, to speak - spoke - spoken.
Well, I never think about it in that way.
Ah ... and the three auxiliary verbs, to be, to do, and to have are essential in life.
I don't agree with your theory.
Why is that then?
What about to love?
Love, loved, loved, is a regular verb.
Yes, but it's not ordinary. It's the most important verb in life.
It can move mountains, start wars and even kill people.
Oh, Elizabeth. That was 2000 years ago. Not now.
You are such an old romantic!
but at the start of the 21st century love will be everywhere,
all around us the age of Aquarius is coming!
Is that so? well, If that's the case, then we must change the verb to love from a regular verb to an irregular verb
No, Sam. It's not possible to change it, but that is a beautiful thought.
Oh, I am full of beautiful thoughts! Probably this is your influence.
No, Sam. Remember, the age of Aquarius is coming!
Oh help ... barman, two whiskys, please!
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ABA English Online English Course

11548 Folder Collection
田兒 published on August 21, 2014    田兒 translated    Daniel Chin reviewed
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