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  • [Diana sighs] To invade. To conquer.

  • They came here once before, long ago.

  • A great armada appeared in the sky,

  • laying waste to all who opposed it.

  • The leader of the invaders was a being called Darkseid.

  • A name cursed and feared in every universe.

  • Darkseid was met in battle by Earth's defenders.

  • The old gods, men...

  • Atlanteans before their descent into the sea...

  • Amazons before their betrayal and enslavement

  • and guardians from the stars.

  • Their histories had taught them

  • not to trust each other,

  • not to hope for an alliance.

  • To fight apart.

  • [door hisses]

  • [Darkseid breathing heavily]

  • [yells]

  • [Diana] As Darkseid waged war on Earth,

  • he found a secret there.

  • A power hidden in the infinity of space.

  • He called forth mystics

  • who worshipped and controlled three objects...

  • the Mother Boxes.

  • Wait, wait, wait.

  • "Mother Boxes"?

  • Indestructible living machines,

  • made from a science so advanced,

  • it looks like sorcery.

  • To conquer, three boxes have to synchronize

  • and join together into The Unity.

  • The Unity cleanses a planet with fire,

  • transforming it into a copy of the enemy's world.

  • All who live become servants of Darkseid.

  • Alive but drained of life.

  • Parademons.

  • [horse whinnying]

  • -Amazons! -[Amazons shouting]

  • [Atlanteans yelling]

  • With me!

  • [all yelling]

  • [Zeus growling]

  • [parademons screeching]

  • [Amazons yelling]

  • [Diana] But before The Unity could synchronize,

  • the defenders of Earth attacked

  • and fought as one.

  • Amazons alongside Atlanteans.

  • Zeus and his son Ares

  • alongside the guardians from the sky.

  • A golden Age of Heroes fighting together

  • to defend life on Earth.

  • [men yelling]

  • [man groaning]

  • [Darkseid grunting]

  • [Darkseid grunting]

  • [groans]

  • [Atlantean king yells]

  • [growls]

  • [yells]

  • [Darkseid grunts]

  • [straining]

  • [both growling]

  • [yells]

  • [Darkseid groaning]

  • [grunting]

[Diana sighs] To invade. To conquer.

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Darkseid War [Part 1] | Zack Snyder's Justice League [4k, HDR]

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/19
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