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  • Barry?

  • Barry, are you okay?

  • [gasping]

  • [Batman over radio] Barry!

  • I got the wind knocked out of me.

  • Need a few seconds, that's all!

  • [gasps and groans]

  • [Superman grunting]

  • [thuds]

  • [rumbling]

  • [gasps]

  • [straining]

  • Barry, where are you? It's almost synchronized!

  • Okay, okay.

  • [inhales sharply] Oh, my God. Gotta heal, Barry.

  • Heal. Heal.

  • [grunts]

  • [portal warbling]

  • [shouts] Barry!

  • [Cyborg grunting]

  • It's too late.

  • Oh, no.

  • He's here!

  • [charging up]

  • [Wonder Woman grunts]

  • [explosion]

  • [groans in pain]

  • [gasps and winces]

  • Okay.

  • Just gotta go faster than the speed of light.

  • Far beyond the speed of light.

  • You gotta break the rule, Barry,

  • and you gotta do it now. [inhales sharply]

  • [echoes] Dad...

  • whatever happens, I want you to know

  • your kid was one of them, Dad.

  • One of the best of the best.

  • [triumphant music playing]

  • Make your own future.

  • Make your own past.

  • It's all right now.

  • [breathing heavily]


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